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What Must You Do In 2011 To Increase Your Income?

This is an article for those who have a New Year Resolution to create a new income stream. I am ready if you are, to show you the roads I followed to reach my goal in creating new income streams. Any one with passion and commitment can create business and market it to the world in relatively short time, in the world of Online Marketing. I am here to help you achieve your goals… like it has been said, “Ask and You Shall Receive”.

Prayer Time Is Not Show Time

There is nothing wrong with praying when others see you praying. There is everything wrong with praying because you want to be seen. The church leaders of Jesus’ day had a habit of making a show of their prayers. “To be seen by men…” Jesus says. Jesus teaches us to pray in a private space where we won’t be tempted to role-play. When we are alone with God, we are able to honestly express ourselves to God. And honest prayer is what God is after. God is not looking for the perfect use of grammar, eloquence or Victorian English…He looks at the heart.

Acceptance of What Is – The Key to Sanity!

I believe that acceptance of ‘what is’ is the hardest thing for human beings to do. ‘What is’ constitutes the events that have transpired, the events we expect will take place, the belief system we have attached to them and the way things are in this moment of time.

Don’t Waste Your Wishes

This past Tuesday (January 4, 2010) There was a Mega Millions lottery drawing for and estimated jackpot of $380,000,000, the second biggest jackpot of all time. Ted and I HAD to buy tickets as if we would be so lucky as to win…well somebody might win right? Ted and I were clenching onto our lottery tickets and in the midst of all of this, we stopped. The reason we stopped is because we actually had a moment of being a fly on the wall, looking from the outside in, at the two of us. What on earth were we doing?

Energy Centers: An Introduction

Energy centers are everywhere. There are Ley lines running throughout the earth, there are the energy vortices such as we find in Sedona, Az, there are energy centers in the oceans, it seems like there are energy centers everywhere. But the energy centers are not just out there. Your body also has energy centers also known as Chakras (from the Yoga traditions) and energy meridians.

Top Ten Ways to Be True to Yourself

When it comes to being true to yourself, learning how to stand up for yourself can make a positive difference. When you are true to yourself, your life will begin to change in ways you had only imagined before. Let these tips guide you on your most amazing journey-your life!

How Do You Emote?

Do your feelings control your thoughts or your thoughts control your feelings? Whichever way you emote it is important to understand that you can change things to make them more beneficial for you. Look in and learn more.

The Value of Following Through

Only three percent of the total population actually has what it takes to LISTEN, LEARN, APPLY and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN when it comes to achieving goals. I find that interesting and intriguing at the same time. When people start out with good intentions to achieve any desired goal, a great deal of those will never realise them due to those factors listed above.

Look Inside for Who You Are

You are an amazing and unique individual. You were born that way.

Tips and Tricks For Dealing With Issues – The Walking On The Floor Exercise

The Walking On The Floor Exercise in a special self-discovery tool that will help your learn more about yourself. While it may feel awkward in the beginning, the more you use it the easier it becomes and the more you’ll discover about the way you view the world around you.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Capable In Life Any Longer

Capability is the ability to deal with anything and everything you encounter in your life. It doesn’t require that you succeed at everything, only that you can make a decent effort to succeed. The problem with this is that we’re generally afraid of what we think capability will do to our life.

Learn Where Fear Comes From And Why We Have It

Fear costs us more than we can even begin to imagine. All of those things that we DON’T do in this life are almost exclusively the result of fear. Yet even though we sacrifice countless things because of it, we really don’t know a lot about it. To help correct that situation, it seemed like a good idea to help you learn more about fear and why we have it in our lives.

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