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Perils of Perfectionism, Part 2

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to do with perfectionism? I think we can all agree that Arnie is someone who reaches for the stars. As a young man, he came to the United States from Austria and made himself famous by becoming a body-builder.

The Butterfly: Inspiration for Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Butterflies are one of Nature’s most beautiful and amazing creatures. They flutter about like free spirits, but only after having gone through a long metamorphic process of growth and change. They are the only known living being capable of changing its DNA entirely during its metamorphosis from caterpillar, or larva, to the adult butterfly.

What Your Driving Style Says About Your Inner State

Have you ever given much thought to your state of being while driving? Simply observe people on the road and how they are driving and that will be a huge reflection of their internal state. Now, take it a step further and observe your own inner state while driving. How peaceful, or not-so-peaceful do you feel?

Mentors Can Help Make 2013 Your Best Year So Far

The path to living your dreams is far shorter and a lot less lonely, if you surround yourself with the right people. It is important to surround yourself with people, who inspire and energise you and from whom you can learn, gain support, guidance, help, and get the encouragement you will need to keep going even when things get difficult. Don’t be afraid to walk in the footsteps of others – for that is where the most skills and knowledge can be acquired.

Tips for Creating Your Vision Board

As we enter into the last month of 2012 and start looking forward to a new year, this is a great time to start picturing not only what you want the next year to look like, but what you want for your life going forward. Creating a vision board is the perfect opportunity for you to do that and right now is the ideal time to start.

Is There Such A Thing As A Non-Judgemental Human Being?

At our best, we are prone to judge. This is as basic a human condition as breathing without being aware of each breath. It is my position that it is impossible to live impartially, and those who fancy themselves the least judgemental only condemn themselves with their words.

Be the Best! 4 Tips for Personal Growth

Make 2013 the best year you’ve ever had! These tips can help you make the most of your life!

3 Essential Tweaks To Stop Judging Others

I believe one of the best traits we can develop in ourselves is the ability to stop judging others. Judging others is one of the most prevalent traits we possess as human beings.

Your Own Inner Circle

Throughout our lives we have all had an uncountable amount of friends and associates come and go. Different times, different interests and different points of attraction have brought an array of people in and out of our lives for different reasons and opportunities to learn and grow based on the array of varying influences that people carry with them. Some have inspired us, some have hurt us, some have helped us have life changing breakthroughs and some have just simply brought us down.

3 Steps To Unhook From Resentment

One of the most powerful shifts that you can make is to reclaim your energy from the ‘hurts’ that you’ve experienced from other people. Let’s face it, if you’ve been on the planet long enough you’re sure to amass a number of resentments for what was said to you, done to you, or even not said or done to you. The litany of loss can become an insurmountable burden!

Cultivating Sustainable Personal Peace

We each have the power to cultivate sustainable personal peace, build greater confidence and create fulfilling relationships. It’s a journey that can begin with intention and a willingness to love YOU, that much. Love yourself as if you are worthy of the greatest gifts life can offer.

What Is The Value Of Being Humble?

A way to get rid of arrogance. Pride can get in the way of true wisdom and clarity!

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