Releasing a victim mentality

Nothing Matters If We Don’t See or Feel It

Without awareness, what do we really have in life? What good are all the riches that are part of our lives if we don’t even know that they’re there? An examination of the things that I see and the things that I miss, and the importance of doing more of the former and less of the latter.

The Number 1 Phrase Healthcare Workers Are Afraid to Utter

Those of us who work in healthcare share a bond. We’ve seen things over and over most people never do. And that changes us. On our best days our shared experiences make us joyful, humble, grateful and wise. On our worst days they make us feel incredibly sad, disillusioned and even jaded. We continue to show up and do the work, sometimes with a renewed sense of purpose, sometimes with a new layer of protection from the pain,… and every day, heroic.

The Pain Associated With the Status Quo

The Status Quo When one goes through the certification process of becoming a coach, they are introduced to a number of different concepts and quotations, some of which stick with them for a long while. One of the ones I remember hearing that recently came to my mind reads as follows: “When the pain associated with the status quo is greater than the pain associated with making a change that is when one is ready to take action”. I was having a conversation with a close friend and trusted colleague about the tendency of people to be…

What Are You Passionate About?

If you want to succeed at anything, as displayed by the passion of Australian Rugby Union captain James Horwill, then it will cost you nearly everything you have!! There are factors that need to be built into your passion so that it doesn’t become an obsession, but I am not talking about going overboard here!!

The Desire to Acquire, to Buy, to Have, to Be What You Want to Be

Motivation and fear. What controls your motivation and those of others. Why do we do what we do and why do we do what we don’t logically want to do? Insights from neuroscience breakthroughs that could change the way you lead yourself and others

Duck On a Pond Demeanor

In any situation we find ourselves in, especially those in which work needs to be completed, always remember to keep a calm demeanor. Remember the duck on a pond where the feet are kicking endlessly while the duck is calm and serene above the water. Having a composed demeanor allows us to think more clearly and finish our tasks more thoroughly.

Where Spiritual Battles Are Really Fought

True Christians want to serve God with all their hearts. But it’s not easy, especially where the tongue is concerned. The war is on, and the enemy excels at the art of distraction. Christians need to be “as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves” in everything they do. Once they understand the rules of engagement, achieving daily victory is assured.

The 6 Traits of a Healthy Personality!

Your personality is the development of organized patterns, behaviors and attitudes that make you distinct. Combined they create a healthy, attractive persona causing you to stand out and be remembered. In the corporate and public sectors a pleasing personality can climb the success ladder much quicker than someone with a nasty or gloomy disposition.

Neurosis Disorder

I just couldn’t help myself is what many people say after making one mistake or another. However, neurosis doesn’t have to control your life. Once you understand the disease, you can begin to live a normal, happy life.

Test Your Limits: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Testing your limits and moving outside your comfort zone will enlarge your world and open your mind. You will not remain the same.

How To Stop Saying The Wrong Thing

This article is about how to increase your awareness, learning how to hold your tongue, to not say the wrong thing and, not stick your foot in your mouth. All this is achieved by removing selfish desires. You may not realize how much of your life is ruled by very subtle but powerful selfish thoughts which you do not even realize is being selfish. This level of selfishness is not what you would commonly recognize as being selfish, but is a very powerful negative factor in our lives.

Are You Used to Being Used? The Small Shifts Between Rescuer and Hero

When someone we care for is shaken or experiencing tough times, it’s challenging to sit idle and watch their suffering. It’s just not our nature. But it is equally challenge to support or help them without feeling dragged into their suffering. How do we help those we love through rough times and not feel used or taken advantage of?

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