Release your need for validation | #shorts

What The World Needs Now

In a world filled with strife, chaos and poverty, who is responsible? All of us. We have all had a hand in what occurs. To correct it, it will also take all of us. However, we will have to have a new and empowering understanding of what it means to be responsible.

Trying to Control Others

Do you ever use your energy trying to get others to see things or do things your way? It’s important that we recognize when we’re doing this, for we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment and conflict when we do. We can be much happier people if we focus on living our own lives and not on trying to live others’ lives for them!

The Gift of Regret

Regret is often viewed as a negative emotion, as a sign of lost opportunities and missed potential. When major life decisions are made based on what is best for someone else, or on what someone else wants for themselves, regret often follows. But regrets can also be a good thing. They can shine a light on what is missing from our lives, on ways to make our lives better, more fulfilling, even happier.

You Need To Build Consistency

What the Heck is consistency? Is this really the big answer to all my marketing woes? Where can I get one and how much is it?

The Power of The Will

One of the greatest powers that you could master in life is the ability to control your “will”. The idea of mastering will and developing greater will-power could be one of the most useful things that you could develop in life. The ability to control things in your life by developing your will-power could allow you to gain many benefits in life. It could be said that many people fail to achieve their goals in life because of lack of will-power. But what other things are important as well in-order to achieve your goals.

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

The quality of life is determined by the amount of truth you wish to embrace or untruths you wish to surrender. It really is up to you how you experience life and how you express life. The human race is such a mixed bunch and that is exactly how it was meant to be. Everyone on this planet is expressing their life through their perception of life. Every single soul was born into a family, culture, religion or society that came with its own set of conditioning. What most of us end up living is the life we inherited and not the life we came here to live and the quality of that life depends on how aware we are of our true being.

Learn a New Skill It Could Change Your Life

Are you wondering about your life, feeling unfulfilled, demotivated and thinking about making changes? Well how about adding a second string to your bow? There are lots of reasons why nurturing a new skill or talent could make more difference to your life than you would ever imagine.

What’s the PH Balance of Your Relationships?

What single word would you use to describe the desired quality of life goal you have for the relationship with yourself and others? I have asked this questions of my clients for years and the one word that seems to come up most often and represent success in fulfillment and intensity is the state of being joyful.

Time for a Change? Reinvent Yourself!

Every once and a while you need to reinvent yourself. Here are some ways to test yourself and grow.

Trust Is Like a Mirror!

It’s nearly the end of Winter, and Spring will be here… and soon October which brings daylight savings and more riding time for us all! What are your riding goals and plans for the rest of the year? How committed to them are you? When I work with riders, one of the biggest challenges I see is people who are not trusting themselves or their horse. I get it. Trust is a big thing. Trust issues come out in our work, personal relationships and in our sport – just like anything else…

Identifying Your Real Identity

Have you ever looked at a colleague or someone ahead of you and thought: “Hmm, you really know who you are, what you believe in and where you are going!” Sincerely, have you ever said such to yourself before? Have you ever thought about who you are and what you stand for? What do you think, feel and want in life? Have you ever felt for once why God created you the way you are? I would say a big welcome to this empowering issue that has been dedicated to strengthening your personal foundation by developing yourself inside-out. If you have never given much thought about your inner self, then you might have given yourself false identities. I am going to dwell much and straight to the fact this time. Finding your real identity and authentic self can be tricky because of our culture that rewards conformity. We so much prefer to stay where people want us to be more than becoming what we have been designed to be in life. Be yourself is the message and succeed because you are unique in the world.

I’m Thinking Of Making A Career Change – Don’t Recommend Any Stinkin’ Self-Help Books

“Career Change” are two words that strike fear and loathing in hearts of Career Coaches, Counselors and Trainers like me. As Dr. Barbara Reinhold recommends, don’t go near these people, “They take the lead from you and support what you think you want to do”. This under 497-word article offers what NOT to do and what TO do to get you unstuck as quickly as possible.

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