Relax Your Body & Your Mind ~ 5 Minute Guided Meditation

Why Don’t You Act on What You Say You Want?

I’d like to introduce you to that little voice in your head. While these voices are called different things by different people, I choose to call them “The Saboteur.” The Saboteur is what keeps most people stuck from getting what they want in life. Maybe you have more than one.

The Good News About Bad Feelings

Are you feeling blue, or are you really depressed? It’s normal to feel sad sometimes. Part of being human is to occasionally fall into a funk, or feel down in the dumps. We might be feeling grief from a loss, or we might feel unhappy, withdrawn and pensive for other reasons. It can be great opportunity to practice self-care and further expand our awareness of our feelings. But how do you know if you’re in a funk, or actually depressed?

Write To Heal

A traumatic experience, such as the break-up of a meaningful relationship or the death of a loved one, creates major changes in our lives and affects every area of our existence including how we interact with others. The way that we choose to express our grief is personal and often based on how we relate to life on a daily basis. Reactions can range from wanting to be left alone to wanting someone nearby at all times.

How To Be An Expert Persuader Review

My aim was to create a Michael Lee’s How To Be An Expert Persuader Review and after reading the actual book through I found some very interesting things. Actually I liked reading it a lot. I will try very briefly explain what I have learned from this book about persuasion techniques and share it with you.

Get In Touch With Your Shadow, Be “Who You Are” and Ensure Efficient Professional Relationships

There are some traits and behaviors you prefer not to acknowledge as part of “who you are”. By denying and rejecting them, you “push” them down – usually unconsciously – into your Shadow. Since they are still a part of you, they nonetheless play a role in your interactions with others – often harming your relationships.

Why Do You Have Two Ears and One Mouth?

What is The Single Most Important Skill You Can Use To Improve Your Relationships and Influence People? It’s YOUR Listening Skills! Listening is more than half of the persuasion equation and it’s what we’re focusing this lesson on.

Nothing Can Bring You Peace But The Triumph Of Principles

Life is reality based principle in that it is governed genuinely by order and law. Existence is principle based on the facts of reality in that nothing can deviate from its reality. Sure, meaning is what we make it, but principle is principle, no matter what. Like the working of gravity on earth, principle cannot be deviated from and must be used to our advantage if it is to be positively used at all.

The 24 Hour Rule

Ever hear of the 24-Hour Rule? Neither had I, until I read Harvey Mackay’s recent newsletter, in which he shared a concept he learned from legendary NFL coach Don Shula. After 32 seasons in the National Football League, Shula holds the record for the most career wins (347). In 1972, he led the Miami Dolphins to a perfect season, 17 – 0! Nearly 40 years later, that record has yet to be broken. Oh yeah, throw in a couple of Super Bowl wins as well.

The Battle Between Our Thoughts and Emotions

Can they ever get along? Do you have difficulties putting words to how you feel? Do you tend to say things you didn’t really mean because you couldn’t find the right words? When trying to convey your emotions, does the language that escapes your mouth just come out as ‘word vomit’ which inevitably gets you into trouble? Is communicating your emotions difficult for you? Well, here’s the dilemma…

Decluttering Your Life – Step 1: Identify Who and What Clutters Your Life

Many people are used to looking at the clutter in their homes or offices, and figuring out how to get rid of it. But did you ever stop to think about the clutter in your life? Things, people, jobs, finances – all of these things can be considered clutter! Find out how to “clean up” and de-clutter your life.

Practical Skills for Frugal Living

How do you define skills? What skills are practical skills and thus important-wealth-creating skills? Is there a shortage of people with practical skills? Meaning, are most people just not that useful? Are you skilled and useful? If you had to pick up and move, would your skills create value and earn you a living anywhere?

Intensity Revisted

If you are anything like me, living full out with the throttle pushed to the floor was a “movie magic” sort of adventure that thrilled and pulsed through your younger years. We ached for this delight-in-life sort of living and reached for it with great gusto. If it was worth doing, it was worth doing with fireworks sparkle!

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