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Tomorrow Is Always Too Late

… in fact I’ve been riding motorbikes for what amounts to about 40 years and I’ve been travelling for pretty close to that same period of time. As you can imagine, I’ve seen, done and experienced many things, in many places, with many people of practically every nationality, colour and creed, and furthermore I’ve enjoyed every part of it – except for this one recurring thing… and that’s standing beside the deathbed or the accident scene of a good friend or family member who is just about to pass from this life – and listening to his or her dying wishes.

Slow Down, and Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Have you ever noticed how everyone is in a hurry? People are rushing here and there. People have very interesting thoughts about time. We are all under the illusion we have “no time or that we have no choice in how patiently we live our lives.” In other words, we are busy because life is busy. What if we questioned some of society’s beliefs and gave ourselves the gift of time? This article discusses the fact that one can create an intentional and healthier relationship with time, which can support one to have less anxiety and more peace in one’s life.

How to Set Limits With Parents With BPD

I grew up with a mother who has a serious mental illness (BPD and other issues). I did not know the exact diagnosis but our home was very chaotic and I often felt very unsafe. It all depended upon my mother’s mood on that day.

All The Teachers Teach Us What We Want to Learn, Really?

We amateurs need mentors, teachers, guides to navigate us on our journey to a successful conclusion of our mission. But how to find one without getting duped? There are myriads of so called mentors who have been successful and even knowledgeable for their own cause but are not good teachers. They can suck us amateurs in to buying stuff from them. Here I write a note of caution to be vigilant, skeptical but focused and not get carried away by the glitter and lose the gold in the end!

5.4: Persevere Power – When Quitters Win

Quitting seems to be a way of life for so many people. How many teenagers do you know who quit school a few months before graduation? Look up and down your street – how many divorced people live around you?

How To Get In Touch With Your True Needs And Desires Through Meditation

We piece together the narrative of our lives from each momentary thought and emotion. However, we spend most of our life immersed in past memories and future hopes. We do not spend nearly enough time in the present moment. This is really sad, and a real shame because the present moment is all we have. Meditation is an effective practice that we can use to bring our mind back to the present moment, to focus on who we are as an individual, and to determine our true needs and desires. Finding Our True Self We commonly define ourselves by the role(s) we serve in life. For example, we are daughters, sons, moms, dads, sisters, or friends. Many also define themselves as their job title.

How To Become A Good Forgiver: Forgiveness: What Does It Do?

Forgiveness is a tool to be used wisely when troubled by circumstances that seem to be out of our control. It is to be gifted to everyone, self, friend and foe alike. And, it is to be used unconditionally in all circumstances in each instant of time for the purpose of letting go of the resistance that takes our peace away.

7 Depths of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

The biggest favour we could ever do for ourselves is to embrace adult emotionality. A reasonable, rational, responsible, realistic, reliable and logical person is our best gift to others and ourselves.

Change – Dealing With the Inevitable

Change is scary, but inevitable throughout all facets of life. You can either deal with it and grow, or avoid it and be left behind.

Why Understanding Is the Key to Everything

TWO different situations on the same day proved to me the depth of life in the mode of understanding. Understanding is the key to everything.

Trust For the Moment of Healing, Because It Will Come

Healing is like a new shoot. From the canvas that is a hard rocky pavement shoots this living organism expressing life. Healing expresses life and hope. Where, before, there was no life nor hope, suddenly, with no hope nor warning, there it is.

Is Your Past Still Influencing Your Present?

Choosing to live in the past and worrying about your future which is unseen and unknown robs you of truly living your life. Elimination of nonessential possessions will help free many of us with all the negativity that has keeping us stuck.

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