Reconnecting with a Lost Loved One Guided Meditation

The Defining Factor Is YOU

The defining factor is not money, time, or even resources. The defining factor is YOU. It is your personal commitment, emotion and resourcefulness. The stories people have about themselves control how they view the world and can be crippling. These stories are full of ego, pride, and excuses.

Some Traits of The Real Man

You may have noticed that the guy who swings his hand in a certain way (my friend tells me its the first sign to identify a gay guy but I tend to differ) seems to have a way with the ladies. But ask any of “his ladies” if they ever thought of dating him seriously. “No, he is just good to have around..” An interesting one I heard was “He is our tom girl” They undeniably want some man. So what are these things that make a man THE MAN…

Express Emotions in a Better Way

Emotions add a colourful aspect to our lives without which life would turn mechanical. We need to cry when sad, laugh when happy and get afraid of fearful situations.

Ambition, Greed and the Other Side

Do you always find yourself the lesser in whichever situation? Do you always wish you were more or had more than you do now? Do you always covet that which is your neighbour’s? Find out why you are yet to be envied, adored and emulated.

Pain – How to Look Past the Shadows on the Wall

Pain drives us so deeply we being to misread the shadows of our lives. Fear drives us to run while courage helps us heal.

What Is Vision, How Do You See?

Let us look at the actual process of seeing. Before we can see anything, there must be something to look at. So the first step is that something exists. Then that object reflects light. That reflected light is picked up by our eyes, no need to go too deep into the physiology of how the eyes work for now. From the eyes, the image, reflected light, is transmitted to our brain, where it is interpreted.

The Meaning of Life – We Only Limit Ourselves

How many times have your heard from someone you know, “I just can’t do it. It’s beyond me?” How many times have heard yourself utter similar words? You don’t have to think that way and neither does anyone else. We only limit ourselves.

Successful Thinking – How Are You Defining You?

One of the keys to successful thinking is remembering that life is not about what others think about us. Life – Success, Health, Wealth, Money, Happiness for that matter – is what we think about ourselves. “We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.” Virginia Satir. Turn that quote around, however, “We must not allow our own limited perceptions to define us”, because how often do we allow our own limited perceptions to sabotage our successful thinking? By limiting the potential that we allow ourselves and others to see within us we stop short of our own greatness.

Cling to the Root

We are heading towards a better future but can we forget our age old traditions? Though there is a trend to keep aside the Tradition and hug something new in the pretext that ours is nothing but old and replete with superstitious beliefs and taboos. It is Static where as theirs is Agile and always on the move.

3 Powerful Tips To Unleash Your Ultimate Productivity

Do you want to learn how you can be more productive and get more things done? If you want to be productive, you must learn how you can create the drive that will motivate you to take action. This is exactly what you are going to learn in this article.

How to Respond to Criticism Actively

Do you find it challenging to respond to criticism without falling into the position of defending yourself? This article will introduce the use of interesting ways to respond to criticism. For the sake of this experiment, I am going to imagine that the criticism is the following sentence: ‘You have changed your mind again? Changing your mind means that you’re an insecure person!’

Never Play With Gas

When I was a young man this happened to me. What I am about to share with you is a real life story that took place some years back while working a summer job at a restaurant on the south bound side of the Maine Turnpike. My job was to keep the parking lot, lawn, and side walks clear of trash. My biggest tool that I used was a gas powered vac machine to remove trash from the the parking lot. One day right in the middle of cleaning the parking lot, the machine ran out of gas, so I had to refuel it. There was a gas can that we keep on hand just for this machine. So while topping off the vac machine, I thought why not refill my lighter at the same time. Here’s what happened.

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