Receiving Loving Positive Energy From Your Spirit Guide (10 minute meditation)

Winning the Game of Life

The other day, I got to thinking – how do you win the game of life? When you get to the end, what would be considered a “victory”?

5 Steps to Achieving Healthy Balance in Work and Life

How can you balance work and life? Effective time management is essential to achieve this. The result is having time to honour all commitments and to enjoy every moment of your life. Life coaching can help you develop the skill and motivation to improve time management and enjoy a great life!

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is here! It’s the time of rebirth, the time of creation, and a time when people take time out of their lives to clean their homes. Believe it or not, there may be other issues that need cleaning that you may not have included on your spring cleaning list that you definitely should. Check out these five ways to spring clean your life for starters!

Procrastination Killer

Right about now you might be looking back on this past year and thinking about all the goals and plans you had for 2012. Was 2012 the year you made your dreams come true, or did you let procrastination stand in your way?

From Malignant to Benign – The Value of Inner Work

When you do the inner work, these things that are currently malignant and have the power to truly harm you will be rendered benign. Not only will you no longer have to suffer, but they’ll never be able to harm you again.

Will You Survive or Overcome?

I know you are facing something serious in your life. Each of us is.

Personal Development Is The Key That Opens The Gate To Your Field Of Dreams

Personal Development, if made the driving force of your businesses growth will give you international influence and reach by magnetizing people from all over the globe to your internet based business. And you do want to have influence and a reach that draws people to you because of your internet marketing business, don’t you? I’m going to share with you how…

It’s January 1st Every Day

We all can get caught up in our past, our trials and failures. But most resolve to make changes and make a difference around January 1st. What if you treated every day like it was January 1st?

Fiercely Independent

I’ve always been quite independent. Probably a product of a number of factors. For most of my school years we lived in a rural farming community. I had a few really close friends that I spent a lot of time with, and I also had an older brother that I just didn’t see eye to eye with. When I wasn’t hanging out, playing and exploring with my friends, I was finding ways to avoid being beat up by my bigger, older brother. Granted, I certainly knew how to push his buttons that generally led into said beatings – I just didn’t always see it that way. Now I watch my 2 children who are less than 2 years apart in age and wonder if it’s because they’re closer in age that they can play together for hours on end only occasionally getting on each other’s nerves. Whether it’s the age difference, or just that their personalities jive better I don’t think I’ll ever know. Regardless, when I was young, I learned to do things by and for myself.

Generate Your Own Luck

I remember once when I was about 12 years old I was helping my neighbor who had trained Border Collies that he’d take to the local small town rodeos and put on a demonstration of the dogs’ abilities. Unbeknownst to me, this gentleman had put down a dollar or two for me in the “cow bingo” draw. Essentially they have a cow penned in an area with a grid drawn on the ground. Each person who buys a ticket claims a specific square in the grid, and if the cow happens to poop in your square, you win. Wouldn’t you know it, I was the lucky winner!

Online Students Need Motivation to Succeed

If you are considering enrolling in an online course, ask yourself this question: “Am I motivated enough to do the work required to succeed as an online learner?” Chances are if you are already considering enrolling that you are likely leaning in that direction.

Recognizing Your Purpose in Your Life

Understanding yourself, determining where you are going, and how you’re going to get there are big topics that can be found in every niche and cranny of the Internet. Many of the blog posts I’ve seen on these subjects give a clear-cut idea to help you discover and develop these three aspects.

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