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The Reference Point

What damage do we bring to new relationships? How do you perceive yourself? Do you truly know what a healthy relationship even looks like? Did someone you love ever tell you that you are not pretty enough, not smart enough or not good enough? Has anyone ever told you that you are a failure and you will never succeed? How do you treat others? Is your spiritual house in order? Do you know your masculine and feminine sides? How is your emotional and mental mind-set? Are you happy at work? Do certain things or people drive you crazy? Why do some blame others for their bad actions and behavior? How does your subconscious affect your decisions making? These and many more actions are all called “reference points.”

The First Step to Achieving Radical Results

Do you want to achieve radical results? Tired of the same old non-results? 4 ways to take the first step to achieving radical results.

Success Is Kind to the Individual

Throughout history, all successful people exhibited certain character traits. By following their behavior patterns, we can improve our own chances for personal achievement.

Your Key to Change: Acceptance of Your Current Reality and Focus on Your Desired Reality

There are really only two ways to change your future for the better: accepting what is going on right now, and changing your thoughts towards a more desired future. There are many ways to achieve these two goals; putting in some effort will be required.

How to Build Character That Others Will Imitate

Character-building happens in stressful situations. The process of how we respond to stress can be built into our character in a positive way if we are conscious of how we respond. Recognize your obstacles, embrace, and systematically overcome. A character that others want to emulate evolves!

Double XL OMG

The shocking realization that your ‘fat pants’ are now too tight. How does one survive the trauma?

Get Discomfortable! (That’s Not a Typo)

Developing the kill of staying with discomfort helps you work through uncomfortable situations. And that’s what ultimately makes life flow more smoothly.

Breaking Free From Our Cultural Chains

Human beings rarely, if ever succeed at accurately perceiving their own culture. It is true to say that this is how most of us live our lives. We are victims of our culture and most of us don’t even realize. We are born into a national culture and the problem with culture is its impossible to know it when you’re in it. You just can’t see it. However a danger arises here – we need to ask ourselves if have we been shaped so much by the world around us that we have lost ourselves in the process?

Are You One Decision Away From Success?

If you’re feeling stuck in that low pay career rut, then you’re absolutely one decision away from stepping on that path toward online business success. You don’t have to remain overworked and underpaid forever.

Personal Spiritual Self Development And Growth

Personal Growth is my growth as a person. It is the growth of my ego Self. My ego self is my personal sense of Self. It is who I believe myself to be. When I believe that I am my personality & character then personal growth is the development of my personality & character.

How to Have Good Quality Conversations

How often have you left a conversation, bored, exhausted, and feeling like a punch bag? Or feeling that the person you were talking to had no interest or care for anything you said? How many people have you talked to over months or even years without any feeling that a relationship was developing between you?

Instincts And How To Use Them

The dictionary describes instincts as an inborn impulse or propensity; unconscious skill; intuition; or an involuntary impulse. I am going to take this one step further and in staying with the dictionary’s version of instinct, it would lead me to believe that each of us is born with this ability. Therefore it must be a gift that is meant to be used and understood. Do we all use this ability, or do we ignore it when it emerges and go on with our daily lives?

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