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Seek And You May Not Find

Everybody is in a search for something, whether it be for success, riches, intellect or some sort of spiritual enlightenment which includes peace, tranquility and happiness. The reasoning is that if one hasn’t got happiness it follows that there should be a search for it…. but this is illogical.

7 Steps for Restoring Integrity in Your Life

Integrity is a word we use to describe a state of wholeness. For example, when a building is built on a strong foundation with plenty of steel beams and high grade materials to withstand virtually any disaster, we say it is a building of high structural integrity. When a person does everything that is in harmony with who they really are, we say the person is a person of integrity.

Attachments and Happiness

Throughout life we grow accustomed to things, to needs, and to the belief in how things must be. We believe we can’t do without them, that in order to be happy things must be a certain way. But do they have to be?

Attachments and Happiness

Throughout life we grow accustomed to things, to needs, and to the belief in how things must be. We believe we can’t do without them, that in order to be happy things must be a certain way. But do they have to be?

Why Do I Need A Coach?

You don’t! You can keep going the way you are and doing the things you are doing and expecting things to be different? But guess what? They won’t be different.

Nothing to Forgive

…I had a flash sense of being capable of forgiving the world. At the time, that was a bit too vast for me and it took some years for the integration of my realization to produce the perceived outcome. It did begin the process of forgiveness with family, friends, and myself. As I contemplated the idea of allowing everyone to be as they were with nothing about them that I needed to change, I began to see Life itself as the teacher.

3 Steps In Overcoming Uncertainty In Life

About me – In the course of 11 years of helping private industry and private individuals in developing smart goals, invariably, many of the hundreds of emails I receive per month deal with the issue of confidence and acceptance, and making improvements in both your personal and your professional life. Overcoming Uncertainty and Doubtful tendencies Requires Faith As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, I realize first hand, what the power of hope and faith can have. I can attest personally to the power of my Christian faith has had…

Protect Your Reputation From Hidden Dangers

What do you consider to be the most valuable thing you have? I’m sure that a question like this can bring many things to mind: family members, possessions, pets, health, identity and the like. Reputation may or may not immediately pop into your mind, but it should. Especially since losing that can wipe out everything else we believe to be valuable in our lives. And hidden dangers to it lurk everywhere…

Working Out Your Willpower

We are faced with battling our willpower everyday. As soon as the alarm goes off, you are faced with many choices of will. Do you hit the snooze alarm, do you skip choosing a quick sugar filled breakfast for something healthy, do you skip the double mocha latte with whip and go for the plain coffee? Do you finish following through this major task for work or jump on Facebook, and do you choose to get a chicken salad hold the dressing or get that Turkey club complete with bacon! The list goes on! All day we are battling our will just to make better choices, ones that should be moving us towards our goals, keep us healthy, as well as form to what should be the best decision according to society standards.

The 4 Mistakes People Make When Doing EFT Tapping

There are four common mistakes people make when using the transformational tool, EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique. They’re afraid to express their negativity, try to be positive too soon, they quit before they get the best results and they fail to implant the positive! Learn how you can use this simple tool of EFT Tapping to feel happier, have more energy and do more good stuff – all while transforming your life.

Real Stress Relief Solution: Are You a Hyper-Performer?

There is a big difference between a stressed out workaholic and a 21st century hyper-performer–or someone who gets things done without stress! It is valuable to have methods to evaluate where you are, and then make some changes if you are motivated. Here is a brief questionnaire to see if you are a hyper-performer! ย 

Give to Receive

In business we learn that your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you receive in payment. I believe this is not only relevant to business, it’s also an important way to live your whole life. Whether it’s in your relationship with your partner, your work, your business, friends or family, the more you give the more you will receive.

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