Raised Your Vibrations Forever By Quitting This One Thing [MUST WATCH!!]

Your Mood Swings Will Torpedo Your Network Marketing Business

Are you moody? Do your emotions fluctuate between high and low?

How to Stop Being a Control Freak

At times you might be a bit controlling. It might get so bad that you literally realize that you aren’t just controlling, but you are a control freak. This is not something that most people would like to realize that they are. If this is you, there are some things that you can do that will help you not be such a control freak.

Why Personal Development Does Not Work – Part 4

In this last of the four articles I want to explore the spiritual reasons why personal development fails for so many. There are two broad areas I will cover – lack of trust in self and lack of trust in the process.

The Gift of Completion – New Healing Modality

In the early hours one morning I woke bolt awake and seemed to channel this healing method. It was like I was being talked through my own issues. When I wasn’t sure what was happening it was like a voice was guiding me telling me what to do next.

What Do You Mean I Don’t Feel? I Feel Great!

The fear of your own feelings is like having a monster in the closet, and you know it. You build your life walking around the closet in fear of opening the door to face it. The fear of what is in there is far stronger than the real monster, the feelings inside.

Self-Awareness Fuels Personal Growth

What are you doing to increase your self-awareness? Why is increasing your self-awareness important anyway? It is important because it teaches us about how we show up in the world.

Emotions! Can You Change Em?

So, can you actually do it? Can you change the way you feel?

3 Ways to Discover Your Self Limiting Beliefs

We all have the potential all ready within us to reach for any dream we can dream. Your dreams are all ready fully realized within you.

Somatic Experiencing – What it is and What it Can Do For You

Somatic experiencing is a unique form of therapy that deals with the feelings of the physical body. It is most effectively used for people who have suffered from traumatic experiences.

How to Talk Back to Your Interrogatory Self

I have found in my various battles for self change that my interrogatory self, or self critic, constantly interrupts my efforts. It does so by a barrage of analyses and attacks along the lines of why I should not go ahead with some plan or projected line of action.

DENIAL Is Not a River in Egypt

Denial is not a river in Egypt. In order to move forward in our lives we have to be honest with ourselves and get to the truth of what’s standing in the way of our own personal growth.

How to Be a Better Person For Our Nation

I glimpsed through the Indian movie “Rang de Basanti”. Now if we look at ourselves with a criticizing eye to uncover the truth about us then we would realize that we are being encased in that impenetrable shell with each passing second. We have all transformed into self-occupied machines that are running wildly after personally set worldly goals and objectives.

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