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Do You Know Where You Want to Go?

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked.

5 Secrets to Meeting People

There is more to meeting people than just going places or attending workshops. After you’ve mastered approaching and introducing yourself to new people, you now need to have a sustaining factor. Remember that your number of friends or connections won’t increase if you can’t maintain a relationship with them. With that in mind, keep reading this article to know five secrets to meeting people.

True Self and Neurotic Gut Wisdom

If neurosis is no longer considered a psychiatric category in the DSM IV, is it possible that these “symptoms” are intrinsic to the human condition? Is neurosis an inherent catalyst, a guide in our DNA that forces us to seek peace, love and enlightenment? Is neurosis a natural reaction to the stress, trauma and dilemmas brought on by family dysfunction and a world fraught with chaos?

Sticks and Stones – 5 Ways to Embody Your Humanness

As children we could not control how the adults in our lives treated us. But as adults we have control over how we treat ourselves and others. Healing comes full circle when we feel, express and receive.

What Is Support? Ideas and Strategies to Help Others

Often I’ve been asked the questions what is support? How can I support someone? How much support is enough? These are not easy questions as there are no easy questions.

Making Good Decisions – How to Slow Down Before Making Poor Choices in the Modeling Industry

Why the heck did these men want ME to front a modeling agency? I used that “Yellow Traffic Light” technique and it actually slowed down the process for enough time to see that this sounded TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I made my inquiries and they ended up wanting to use this “agency” as a front to meet women and put themselves in a position where they would be in charge of hiring them. Those “worldly” men were in their own ‘a dime a dozen’ place, too… one shady, common place that does exist wherever the models are.

Enjoying the Benefits of Accelerated Learning Techniques

Read about the benefits of mastering the accelerated learning techniques. Learn what you can achieve by mastering these techniques and how they can help you achieve more.

Starting Over Again

Sometimes things happen in life where you have to pick up the pieces of your life and move forward. It’s not always easy, BUT when you decide to stop living in the past and let go of what could’ve been you will begin to live for today and leave the rest behind.

Benefits of Having the Winning Attitude in Speed Learning

Why is it important to have the attitude of a winner? Read how to have that kind of attitude and how it can benefit you.

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

If someone asked you what was holding you back, would you ever imagine that it was your attitude? Usually we like to blame our lack of progress on other things such as our current circumstances. Now, of course there are some real circumstances that prevent us from meeting goals, but most of the times, our willingness to settle for 2nd or 3rd best is what is holding us back.

Giving Back to Your Community

By giving back to your community, you are not only helping your community grow stronger, but you are also helping yourself become stronger. Keep in mind that no matter where you live in the world, you are not alone. Therefore, in order to truly succeed in life, it is crucial that you work with those around you.

Brain Connections: Part 8

Our ability to feel emotions is with us from the beginning of life, as we are hardwired to connect with other people and experience the emotions generated by such connections. By a very young age, children already know the basic emotions and are able to express them, irrelevant of the socio-cultural environment in which they are raised. Once the emotional system is in place and as our brains grow, we develop capacities to explain, understand, compare, judge and assess.

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