Radical Acceptance (it will change your life + set you free)

The Destructive Nature of Belief

Belief is perhaps the most destructive thing on our planet. When a belief is invented, it begins to direct the one who holds the belief, blocking the flow of intelligence.

Don’t Let The Perfect Be The Enemy Of The Productive

We all want to make sure that we put our best foot forward no matter what the endeavor is. But be careful about waiting for that mythical “perfection”.

Your New Retirement Lifestyle – Frugality: Doing the Best With What You Have (Part 3)

During our retirement years it is important to reinvent yourself. Explore ways to do this on a frugal basis.

Personal Development: A Comprehensive Overview

Making positive changes by developing oneself through personal growth is the most important thing a person can do for himself. This comprehensive overview will make clear why personal development is essential for success.

Are You Serious About Inviting Meaning Into Your Experience?

  When you finally pull the trigger and make the decision to go after one of your goals, no matter what that goal is, you must commit to achieve that goal with everything you have. Half-hearted approaches to anything always result in half heated results. Desmond Disraeli said it so eloquently, when he said “The secret to success is consistency of purpose” The way to achieve greatness and to enjoy fulfillment and meaning is not found sitting in your couch every night.

The Power of Silence and the Power of Words

I have just read Tim Parks’ book, Teach Us to Sit Still, and what a great read it is. He has written some 21 books now and been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, although this particular work is not fiction. No, in fact it is an account of how in his early Fifties he experienced at some undetermined point constant and relentless pain; he was ill, his body was telling him something but he didn’t know what, and so he seeks healing. This healing leads him initially to the medical profession, where he finds no relief, and ultimately to Vipassana meditation where he does. His journey is profound, given his atheistical scepticism, and also the unflinching way in which he confronts and describes his problems. We – as readers – go into the minutiae of his prostate and other parts, as well as into his mind and mental state. Parks has a gift for fluent and evocative description, as well as writing extremely lyrically. Put another way: I really like his prose style and there are loads of lines which are aphoristically quotable – “The mind is you, the body is only yours”.

Life As A College Student Is Easier With Good Study Skills

Newly minted college students can be easily overwhelmed with all of the changes they have to experience. Perhaps the most important change of them all is having good study habits. Without knowing how to study well, everything else becomes more difficult.

Beat Depression: The Power of Belief

There are many voices claiming to know the secret that will solve all of your woes. Some of them are even contradictory to one another. How do we discern wishful thinking from substance? Another installment of the Beat Depression series, this segment reveals the key to permanent transformation, which has been known and implemented for over 2000 years, but has been hidden from the masses because of slandering and misuse by weakened people. Drugs help to subdue the pain, but can’t heal your depression. Be empowered. Overcome. Fight for the victory using this one tool, and you’ll never be mastered by depression again. You can and you will see transformation.

Beat Depression: Discern Good From Evil and Choose Good

Know God, and you’ll be able to recognize what is of Him and what is not. Then you can choose good and reject evil, and that includes depression.

Business Etiquette Awareness Quiz – Your Manners Matter! Do They Make the Grade?

Workplace manners do matter! Many studies have shown that workplace incivilities create tension and stress in all types of office settings. Business etiquette encompasses much more than saying “please,” “thank you” “hello” and “goodbye” to coworkers – although these common courtesies do help. Test your etiquette knowledge. How would you handle these situations? I’m willing to bet you could use a refresher course in basic business manners. Do you manners make the grade? Take this quiz and find out.

What Do People Expect From You?

As you know becoming successful in life or in sales, is all about relationships. The better the relationships you are able to form with the people around you, the better will be the results you will be able to enjoy in the long run. Success in life or in sales Is not only based only on what you know, but more crucially on who you know.

Success Is Optional – Change Inevitable

Change, like death and taxes is here to stay; how you choose to view it and use it, is up to you. You can either choose to allow change to scare you or even overwhelm you or you can make a wiser choice and choose to accept and embrace change and use it as an opportunity generator, the very catalyst, which will allow you to discover new opportunities. The choices you make about how you will view change and your approach to dealing with it, will determine whether you achieve your goals this year or whether you…

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