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The Breath of Love

We create our own reality. How we experience life exists within us; we each possess the power to either enjoy and expand or ‘drown’ and destroy life. What do you want to do?

The Rope of Time: We Don’t Just Exist in the Present, We Also Extend Into the Past and the Future

We rarely attempt today what could possibly be delayed. “There’s always tomorrow,” we say, “What’s the rush? I have plenty of time.” There might be “plenty of time,” we never know; moreover that is not the true issue. Our future, whether we’re discussing 2011 or 2041 is already in progress. Decisions made today, this moment, right now, do affect what transpires days, weeks, and even decades hence.

Offering Words of Encouragement – Do You Offer This to Others?

There is a great virtue you can develop to have as many friends as you truly want in life. Friends do many things for one another on a daily basis without any expectation of return. Great friends will just help out whenever help is needed. They know in the back of their head that whenever they need something in their lives, that same friend will be there to help. One thing you can start doing right away in your social circle to make friends is become encouraging to other people.

Wisdom Is Life Itself

Energy flow is a holistic way of living beyond meditation which includes simple exercises and ways of interacting with the universe. Being one with life means to consciously join the universe in its cycle of creation. It also means trusting the cycle of creation and the potential that anyone can be a new being any given day.

Convergence of All Healing Techniques

Healing practices attract practitioners from various walks of life. Healing is holistic and inclusive per essence. Yet some practitioners and masters like to advertise their practice or praise (and sell) the qualities of their techniques as being the best.

Doing the Right Thing, No Matter What It Costs – Have You Heard the Story?

Unfortunately, many people are very selfish in this world. Many of us would rather see us win and someone else lose, rather than doing the right thing. Doing the right thing is a virtue that will allow you to have many friends in life and basically set you free from any guilty conscience. We are going to look at an example of two well heard of and popular men and doing the right thing.

Personal Growth – How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Have you thought about why you’re here, at this moment, in this space, on this chair? Asked yourself, “what am I doing, why am I doing it?” At least a hundred times or more in a lifetime that question is asked. We are all searching for answers to that great mystery of our existence.

Bullying, The Cause and The Cure

Bullying is as old as human nature, and the cause and the cure are still the same as they’ve always been. The bully and the victim are engaged in a dangerous dance to prove how worthless they both are. The cure exists within us all, and all of us desperately need to find it as we move deeper into this chaotic and dangerous new world.

The Right Personal Development Courses Will Enhance Your Life Phenomenally

Taking personal development courses is a great way to effect many great changes in your life. There are several personal development seminars that may enhance your personality. But, you should be prudent enough to choose the best one that suits your temperament and also your needs. You can change yourself and further, if you want to attract positive things to your life, that is also possible. In other words, your entire life will undergo a phenomenal change. But, you can not expect overnight results. You will get gradual results if you adopt the step-by-step methods suggested by these personal development courses.

A Good Personal Development Plan Reinforced By A Sharp Focus Will Fetch You Great Results

Focus is a great tool for accomplishing anything in life. In fact, it is the only tool that is required for achievements. You must first do an honest assessment of your current situation and what you will be once you accomplish the thing you aim at. It is like running a race and your aim is the finishing line that will fetch you the reward.

8 Tips for Personal Development

Our personality is what and how we think, feel and behave. We have certain personality that is good. Though, we can never evade from our bad personality. Nobody is perfect.

Personal Advice To Help You Improve Yourself

If these great achievers where present, there personal advice would be, believe in your capabilities. With some basic skills, ambition and persistence then…

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