Quantum Jumping to Manifest & Change Realties [Multi Dimensional Beings] – Master Sri Akarshana

Practice Kindness.

Kindness Is Strength. For those of us who spend time and energy sending ourselves all kinds of negative messages about ourselves, I am about to issue a challenge.

Kindness and Self-Love

Do You Expect Others to Love You More Than You Love Yourself? There is a well-known poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning that begins, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach… ” Can you imagine what it is like to be loved this way? Can you imagine what it is like to love yourself this way?

The Opportunity Of Challenging Problems

An Opportunity is a present & a gift. The opportunity of life is a gift that is presented in every present moment. I can perceive what is being presented as a problem, as a lesson or as an opportunity.

Living Our Values Is Living Our Truth

We all come to a crossroads where our values shift, or we experience a conflict of values. As human beings we are designed to change, and grow, so nothing really fits us forever, as well it shouldn’t.

Difference Between Anger and Indignation

According to Spiritism, it is taught that we must control our emotions, for emotions cause actions. When we succumb to anger, the effects are not beneficial to anyone. But there are methods to use your thoughts and mental force to cause actions for the benefit of all.

Identity: Do You Know Who You Are?

Why should you give thought to your identity? People already know who you are, right? And naturally, you know who you are. Perhaps, but only to a certain extent. However, self-knowledge is not something we are taught in school or in society at large. Yet it is essential to becoming increasingly authentic and successful.

Do You Know Where Your Values Are?

Our values change over time. Look at yours and ask yourself if you are you living them. If not, what do you need to change?

Defining and Aligning Your Habits

What are habits? We typically think of physical behaviors when we think of habits. Habits, however, cover more territory than our just behaviors. Our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are also habits. Are you ready to upgrade yours?

Public Speaking Tips – Gestures

The amount of advice on how to present a speech, or even a story, well varies enormously from one proponent to another. This nearly always includes the speaker’s use of body-language and gesture. As a speaker and storyteller with forty years experience, I can tell you what works for me and what I feel will work best for you. I advocate my way because it is the easiest, most natural, most spontaneous way to communicate to an audience.

Leveraging Your Past Experiences

A background of negative childhood experiences does not mean you will have to carry that baggage with you through life forever. The decision to include even your negative experiences in your plans to create your dream life allows those experiences to be transformed into assets that benefit your life and lead to greater self-acceptance and joy.

Give Up, Or FIGHT For Your Beliefs?

Every individual faces obstacles at some point! It is rarely whether one confronts these, but rather how he handles these circumstances and conditions, and whether he permits outside forces to define him, or if he focuses on his priorities, goals, and intents. The reality that we must discover, therefore, is whether we opt to merely give up and in to challenges, viewing them rather as problems, or if we have the compuction, energy, attitude, inner strength, and abiltities to FIGHT for your beliefs in a proactive, directed, persistent manner.

In Whom Do You Trust?

We need trust to manage life in a reasonable way. Lack of trust costs businesses time and money, neither of which are freely available. Outside the workplace, it causes relationship breakdown, but even before that point, difficulties in dealing with others does you no good. It can cause worry, usually unnecessarily, which is never good for your health. This article aims to help you become more trusting and also appear more trustworthy, so that others rely on you more.

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