Put Your Mind At Ease ~ 10 minute guided meditation

Making A Difference

Making a difference for me is what my life is all about. I spend many hours a day on social media, knowing from the messages and feedback I get, that the posts that go out do make a difference, not only those people I know but also to many I have never met.

You Can’t Put an Old Head on Young Shoulders

There are people who I know today, who are grown adults, who still have not matured in their own emotional health. I meet people who as young children were marked emotionally by things that happened in their lives that they have not been able to move on from, thus becoming the victim of their past.

Who Controls Your Life?

Who controls you and your life? I hope that you will say YOU, and if not, you would like to understand this better. Wanting to take back this part of yourself, your self-talk along with your pride and courage, is the first step. We all have two real choices in all situations, whether to say YES or NO.

You Have Permission to Walk Away

Having courage to change your life is one of the greatest virtues we can have. At first we need to identify that the life we have created is not necessarily the life we really want. Are you living the life you want and are proud to be living it? If not, would you like to be able to change where you are at this moment?

How to Become a Better Person in 13 Simple Steps

Becoming a better person is a little difficult because we just want to live without rules. But we really need to set rules and standards for ourselves so we can improve our lives.

How to Become a Self Leader in 4 Simple Ways

To accept someone as your leader means that you are willing to let someone else think for you. Your brain is just as good as the next person. And, to have the media refer to politicians as leaders is insulting. They are your elected representatives. Nothing else. It is essential to become your own self leader, chart your course for your future, and begin to take the action steps.

The Other Side of True Grit: How Not to Beat Yourself Up

You idiot!” I berated myself for locking the car before taking my bag out. I was in a flap, rushing to an appointment. That morning I had dropped a picture and cracked the glass, dumped half the chicken food bucket over my feet, and slipped taking the stairs two at a time.

4 Common Mistakes When Making A Decision

Decisions are a fact of life. They are not to be taken lightly though. Too many of us have followed our hearts when our hearts were too unwise to make the best decision. Likewise, I have identified four common mistakes.

Change Your Life Easily With These Amazing Self Help Tips

As people get older and start to mature, they often seek to improve certain aspects of their life that they don’t find fulfilling. From financial to emotional to physical needs, self-help techniques and programs are becoming increasingly popular.

The One Critical Reason Lack of Knowledge Should Not Hold You Back From Realizing Boundless Success

Men and women of all ages get very creative and very convincing when it comes to justifying and explaining away why success is out of their reach. Lack of knowledge is the number one culprit. The lack of any kind of knowledge should never hold you back from starting your success quest and here’s the reason why.

Triumphant Over Life’s Stumbling Blocks: Yes or No?

How would you consider yourself: an amateur or expert at handling life’s stumbling blocks? Do you usually triumph over them or do you lack the perseverance to be the winner at all of them? Why do you need to overcome these blocks? Don’t you have willpower, goals and ambition? In order to achieve these, wouldn’t you like to triumph over them? This article discusses two kinds of stumbling blocks and shows you how you can conquer them. Do look inside.

Live Your Life To The Fullest – Go For It!

There is so much you can do and achieve in life; and for this reason, life is best when it is lived to the fullest. So rather than just being a passerby in this boundless journey of life, put in extra efforts not only to significantly move your own life forward, but also to impact the lives of other people positively. Because in doing so, you will ultimately find great fulfillment and contentment with your existence here on earth. Read on to find out how you can live a significant life to the fullest!

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