Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires | It’s Not Too Late!!

The Secret to Building the Energy to Overcome Any Problem

You’ve probably had intense situations which have caused you to react with anger. When this happens you just find your energy levels depleted and you are only causing yourself mental and physical anguish. We all find it difficult to remain upbeat and positive in these situations and tend to get drawn towards the negative, focusing on those things that bring us down rather than finding the positive in the situation.

How to Tap the Amazing Power of Social Proof, and Protect Yourself From Its Effects

If you are like most people, you consider yourself relatively intelligent, thoughtful, and somebody who controls your own destiny through you conscious decision making process. You may be shocked to find out that despite our being at the top of the evolutionary food chain, we are still given to motivating factors that are beyond our control. And these instincts can be very hard to resist.

Establishing Independence

Being independent can be hard. People who are coming out of a long codependent relationship or are just starting out on their own can find it really tough. Independent can best be achieved by slowly becoming more and more self-reliant until it is no longer something you actually think about; you just do it.

Hidden Disabilities

Very often our perception and judgment of a person is based on what is visible or apparent to us – what we can readily notice. But what about the things that are invisible to us? How do we access information, or even remember that there is information about a person that we don’t notice?

Is Generosity a Zero Sum Game?

Zero sum games seem straightforward enough. There are 10 cherries in my bowl and if I give you five, I have only five left. That’s simple addition and subtraction and it’s what many people believe happens when they give something to someone else. I give you half my cherries and I have half left for me.

The Present Five Basic Needs of Man

When we look around us, we see a lot of amazing things and that include other human beings. Would these things exist without man’s need for these things? Sometimes, we see them as unnecessary, not a basic requirement for existence, or as something that we can actually do without. The days that we are living for measure the importance of these things surrounding us. Maybe these items or people are really needed for us to survive or to support life.

Volunteering at the Public Library – Connections and Realizations

When you volunteer for an organization the benefits should go both ways. You should benefit and the organization should benefit. Becoming a library volunteer can enrich your life and the lives of others. This article tells about the things one volunteer learned while working at the library book store.

Hurting Folk

We have said that hurting folk; hurt folk. This is a very true statement. When we have been hurt; the progression is to hurt others. We may do it out of reaction, reflex, or protection. There is even a bit of insecurity thrown in the mix.

Whatever Happened to Personal Growth, Meditation and Enlightenment?

Over the last fifty years, we have seen a widespread interest in ideas of self-development drawn from Western psychology. The contemporary exploration of the inner world has been championed and derided, met with enthusiastic advocates and equally passionate detractors. Have the Western attempts at self-awareness and raising consciousness failed or does something of value live on?

Needs Vs Neediness

We do not thrive without love, so I consider love a basic need. Even though we might muddle through without love, I believe that many people get ill and die from a lack of love – dying of loneliness.

Becoming More Resilient

The term “resilience” is currently being applied to issues ranging from childhood education and recovering from difficult childhoods to surviving life-threatening illnesses and organizations and countries under extreme stress. It is defined in terms of our ability to bounce back from hard times. It’s “every man for himself”.

Transition From Woe is Me to Bring it On

Stewing in the worst thoughts during a transition continues to present you with negative emotions, negative energy, and negative actions. Moving towards a ‘Bring It On’ mentality along with a closing ceremony can aid in the transition from the past to the new desired state.

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