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Development Courses – Your Quest To The Perfect You

Personal development is about improving yourself and investing in your growth. It covers all aspects of your life and ensures you have a happy, successful and fulfilling existence. Reach your full potential and transform your life by studying and using powerful and proven personal development courses.

Action Creates Results

Put very simply by John Onberg, “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.” “Be aggressive in helping others. Don’t wait to feel like it.”

Emotional Intelligence – The Importance Of Processing Our Emotions

I have recently had an interesting experience. And upon close reflection, I believe this experience has explained how important it is to process our emotions and to limit their accumulation. I believe it also explains at a deeper level, what is meant by…

Be Open to Discover, Dream and Design With Appreciative Inquiry

When you study to be a coach, you are influenced by many different theories and philosophies. You learn a lot about values, life purpose, and how to live with integrity. People come to coaching because they want more from their lives.

The Element of Relationships: We Are Not Designed For Loneliness

We are not created to live life in solitary confinement. Sharing our lives is what we are created for. Our highs and lows, or differences, our gifts, our love, our forgiveness, our grace and compassion, even our weaknesses, everything we are and experience is meant to be shared through various degrees of relationship. We begin as a child in relationship with family; mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. In time, we make friends, eventually date, find a spouse develop professional relationships. It is all a part of the cycle of our lives.

A Great Idea And Thought Experiment To Boost Confidence

Here are two ideas for building your confidence: Firstly, buy a musical instrument and start learning to play. Secondly, consider that everyone else is afraid of you.

Thinking Positive Like A Genius and Achieving Results!

Influence plays a major role throughout life. People every day are influenced positively or negatively. It is up to you to be equipped with the right tools in life to help you think more positive. The more you are willing to change your thought pattern, the more your life will change.

Trying to Control Makes Us Miserable

Have you ever noticed how bad you feel when you try to control things you can’t control – such as others and outcomes? Are you aware that trying to control what you can’t control makes you feel anxious and unhappy?

The Merits of Screwing Up

Has there ever been a time when you were told you were a screw up? I have this idea that there is another way to look at this thing called life that may or may not be helpful to you. It is that life is comprised of one screw up after another. Yes, you heard me right! Oh, we don’t mean to but one way or another we do and in my case more times than you might imagine, especially earlier in my life. One of the biggest screw ups, if not the biggest I ever made was to spend too much of my time and too many years trying to please others so that they would like and accept me.

In the Fullness of Time

Time – it welcomes us to the future, nestles the moments of our present and wraps its subtle breath around our past. There seems to be a warp and weave to time, a texture of fullness as it cradles the events of our days – insignificant and momentous.

Where Did My Confidence Go?

This is a case study about a man named Joe. Joe had gone through a terrible divorce and in the process he lost his confidence. Joe sought help from a mentor and he was able to very rapidly find his confidence once again. Within a week of learning the things he did, Joe was dating again!

Two Easy Tips For Men To Increase Self-Confidence

Building confidence for men need not be difficult or boring. Two easy ways are to catalog your strengths creatively, and to get a masculine warrior symbol. Have fun with it.

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