Productive morning meditation

Avoiding It Only Makes Things Worse

When you continuously avoid things because you’re afraid of confrontation, you will eventually regret it. This article will help you to recognize it early so you can keep what you have.

3 Simple Tips To Improve Self Confidence

We would all like to be more confident in life. Having a greater level of self confidence can open up so many doors to different opportunities, whether this be in employment choices, business success or even romance.

What Resumes Can’t Do and How to Tell a Better Story

Resumes have no personality, no energy, and no passion. Resumes don’t do a very good job. Resumes are ticket to get entry for a job. It won’t talk about real story of a person.

Weighing Knowledge and Wisdom

Remember the characters in Winnie the Pooh, all with different personalities and ways of thinking and acting? Benjamin Hoff makes an interesting observation about these characters in the book, The Tao of Pooh: “While Rabbit’s little routine is that of Knowledge for the sake of Being Clever, and while Owl’s is that of Knowledge for the sake of Appearing Wise, Eeyore’s is Knowledge for the sake of Complaining About Something. As anyone who doesn’t have it can see, the Eeyore Attitude gets in the way of things like wisdom and happiness, and pretty much prevents any sort of real Accomplishment in life.” While the characters in Winnie the Pooh are chasing some type of Knowledge that does not necessarily correlate to wisdom. Being a word person, or “wordie,” I wonder what actually correlates to wisdom? How does the endless cycle of obtaining knowledge block this wisdom? If not found in knowledge, where is wisdom found?

Mature Masculinity – Why It Is So Elusive

There are not many men around-they are not in leadership positions and they are not prominent. Instead, much of the world’s population is being led by boys who are pretending to be men, without even knowing that they are not mature. What can you do to change this?

1 Not So Simplistic Set Of Thoughts On Following Your Heart

You will not discover 6 simple steps on following your heart. No, you will most definitely not. But you will discover thought provoking ideas about the importance of doing just that: following your heart.

How to Be of Service to Others: Eight Simple Ways to Make a Difference

I have been struggling with this question in my mind for awhile now. Of course, I have this blog as a platform that reaches many people every day. But, God wants me to do so much more. I have seen the ads in my local newspapers seeking Girl Scout leaders and local high school mentors, but somehow have been slow to action.

The Laws of Attraction Work For You

The laws of attraction are among the most wonderful concepts one can learn. When you are first exposed to these concepts, and really gain an understanding of them, it is an exhilarating feeling. Your world suddenly opens up and old barriers crumble in the wake of a new, unlimited, and powerful YOU. The laws of attraction are universal, and apply to all energy in existence, but the methods in their use vary as copiously as the individual minds which apply them.

How to Become The Best You Possible

It is very important to understand you and only you are responsible for being the best you can be. You are going to discover how you can exceed your own expectations to become the best person you can possibly be.

5 Dumb Things Smart People Believe

Ever hear of an urban legend? Well, according to the dictionary, an urban legend is “a humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though it were true.” We hear them all the time, usually associated with an individual, or often involving some type of illness everyone seems to be getting. I’d like to share five urban legends too many people believe. These are five pretty common misconceptions about starting or running a small business, working under pressure, goal setting, shoring up weaknesses, and social media. Chances are you’re laboring under one or more of these popular misconceptions too. If that’s the case, now would be a great time to embrace the reality.

Midlife Crisis: One Woman’s Perspective

Some aspects of the male midlife crisis are well-known. There are a multitude of stories about expensive car purchases, crazy parties, and younger women. But what happens to a woman when they go through that period of their life?

Inertia, Momentum, and Life

Our lives are often ruled by the principle of inertia. It is easy for us to get stuck in a rut, feeling unhappy with our current situation but also at a loss for how to change it.

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