Productive Morning 10 minute guided meditation

Moving From One Job to the Next, Assessing What Is Going to Make You Happy

Did you ever wonder whom you are and what you were meant to do in life? Are these questions that you wish you had the answers for? If you are looking for the clues to what you are supposed to be doing in life then maybe you should take an assessment test to find out? Many people today are taking assessment tests to figure out the right career path for them.

6 Tips To Improve Your Personal Growth

During your transformation journey you will encounter many challenges along the way. In the moment they will seem like massive struggles. In hindsight they will turn out to be small in comparison to what you may have already concurred during your journey. The real important part of managing personal change is to identify those around you that can truly support you. You may often confuse support as being comfortable or relaxing, but in the moment of challenge this support will seem like your mentor is being insensitive or does not understand. To be mentored through a period of change you must have people that will keep driving you towards the goals.

Chess: Is It a Game of Life?

Discover how chess can be compared to one’s life. There have been many comparisons to life and the game of chess. Is chess a game of life? I think so.

How To Cultivate Sincerity and Selflessness

Sincerity and selflessness are inseparable, where there is one, there is the other, and where one is not, neither is the other. These qualities are highly sought yet very difficult to attain. Let us discuss the root cause of why they are so difficult to perfect and how we can make them part of our mind and heart, with exercises and principles to apply the methods.

Just Because You Believe Something, Doesn’t Mean It’s True

One of the most freeing realisations is that just because you believe in something, doesn’t mean it’s fact. We’re wrong all the time, and we only hold ourselves back by refusing to be open to the idea that our inner-held truths may well not be right.

7 Effective Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

Our culture seems to have elevated the quest for perfection to the status of virtue. When someone is described as a perfectionist they are frequently admired and envied. A perfectionist, in my opinion, is someone living in a constant state of dissatisfaction and that isn’t healthy.

How Do You Take Care Of Your NEEDS?

Many individuals seem challenged when it comes to being both objective and introspective, when it comes to realistically evaluate themselves, either in terms of their achievements, aptitude, attitude or any other personal component or characteristic. Shouldn’t each of us, regardless of what we prioritize or believe to be most relevant and/ or essential, aim to become the best that we can be, in every activity, etc? Every person must focus on becoming more objectively introspective, so that they recognize their true priorities, needs, and attitudes, and thus, take that all – important first step forward to proactively take care of…

Apply Life Skills to Promote Global Citizenship!

Communal Violence has been ruling the headlines since a very long time. What appeals to the public is not the endless wars and intolerance for humanity but peace and harmony! Communal violence has consumed a lot of media interest among adults. How do you think your kids respond to this news? Do they respond and have some definite ideas about this violence?

3.3: Protect Your Mind From Garbage

“Take out the garbage!” was a command my mother shouted at me when I was a kid. Today I stuff much of it down the garbage disposal; hit the “on” switch for a few seconds and it all goes down the drain.

Let Horses Be Your Guide

When I first started working as a business development specialist, there were two primary areas that I focused my efforts on: 1) helping people get clear about what they wanted to create and 2) helping them take the actions necessary to create results. By applying problem-solving facilitation techniques, I quickly realized that I could help most people get clear about what they wanted to do, but when it came to implementation many people simply did not have the body for action. With this in mind, I began my search for a better way to help people eliminate the…

Looks Like Work, Feels Like Fun

Personal improvement for those too busy to start it. Improving life doesn’t have to be hard work. Not mind over matter, but mind studying matter. Awareness suggests action that starts change.

How To Purify Your Mind And Heart

It is important to remove all negative emotions, and that means also remove all negative memories, if you want a peaceful life. People rarely consider how a negative memory from long ago can effect and destroy their energy for the rest of their life. This is why it is so important to find and remove all negative memories, regardless of what they are from, about or how old they are. A memory you think about today is as good as having happened today. There are many things that are

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