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The Art of Hearing, What Are You Hearing?

Improve your listening and rapport skills. Learn to authentically listen.

What About Your Sexual Intelligence Quotient?

We all know about IQ, emotional intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and so forth. But what do we know about sexual intelligence? The term isn’t well-known, nor is it something that has been developed traditionally. Our inquiry focuses on sexual intelligence that entails the systemic relationship of creativity and pleasure built into life force or sexual energy that can be found everywhere in life. We are particularly interested in bringing light to that systemic relationship inherent in the manifestation of sexual energy for the sake of consciously and joyously creating our lives, relationships, and careers.

Fear: Is It a Friend or a Foe?

Don’t succumb to your fear or terror. Yes, sometimes fear is necessary to keep you safe and to warn you of imminent danger or harm; that’s its proper place. However, it is not designed to paralyze you in living out your deepest desires, hopes, dreams and ambitions. When fear is in its proper place, it becomes a friend, not a foe. A friend who says, ‘it’s just a false alert, let’s keep moving’.

Mastering Positivity

Being more positive in life can be beneficial in many ways. One of the main benefits is that it helps give us emotional balance. Learning to change negative thoughts into positive ones takes time, but it can be done.

Status Quo?

We all want to be comfortable. Most people will work just hard enough to assure comfort, and then they rest. To progress, hard work is necessary. There is no standing still; we are either moving ahead or falling back.

Do Whatever It Takes – Life Lessons From The Chinese Bamboo Plant

The Chinese Bamboo plant is teaching me lessons on perseverance, patience and determination. Likewise, whatever circumstances you are in or people around you have to say about you, you must not give up. If you are struggling in your life’s journey, do not ever let discouragements, disappointments and doubts empower you. Embrace life and start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.

If You Want to Live a Better Life Then You Need to Change for the Better

If you become what you think about then how many times a day do you dedicate to thinking life-improving thoughts? You need to improve yourself first BEFORE your life can improve.

Just Because You Believe It, Doesn’t Make It True

We get into conflict with others because we are blind to things we believe that are not true. Understanding that something can be true in a local context but is only a belief when you go beyond that context. Understanding that collaboration is only possible when we tolerate different beliefs.

Style Comes From Within

Have you lost your sense of style? Do you feel as if you never had one to begin with? I hear from many women that they have no idea what their style is, or how to find it. My best advice? Don’t look outside yourself – look within.

A Quick Guide to Inner Balance: Part One

Learning how to achieve a work-life balance can be a challenge, but the rewards are worth the practice. Read on to get some quick, practical tips on putting our work and life into balance.

Dave Allen’s Alternate Approach to Emotional Intelligence

We don’t need science to tell us how humans behave, we can look in the mirror, or, much more fun, we can listen to a comedian. Comedians make us laugh by observing the behaviour we see in others, but not in ourselves. When we become aware of our impact on others, we can change for the better.

Damn Change

Change in life is not easy. And true change takes time and lots of it. If change were easy then we’d see a bunch of wealthy and fit citizens walking our streets every day. But that’s not the case. Developing and improving our inner self is the only way to improve our outer self.

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