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Successful Entrepreneurs and Effective Learners in Focus

Success in entrepreneurship determines how effective you are as a learner. Being an entrepreneur is not all about handling a business rather it entails careful and consistent learning. This means, most of the ideal characteristics of a remarkable entrepreneur are learned through practice at the same time by striving to develop a winning attitude.

Improve Your Business Relationships – 8 Ways To Maximize Your Business Relationships

Whether you have a business of your own or are in employment, business relationships are just as important as your personal relationships. You spend most of your waking hours at work, so you need to make sure that you put some effort into your business relationships or your working life will become not just miserable, but very unproductive. Have you ever heard of “Relationship ROI”?

Showing Up As Your REAL Self

Twenty years ago this year, I moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to east Tennessee. For me, it was a bit of a challenging move. For all its conservativeness, the culture of Salt Lake was balanced by an open-minded contingency of people. There were lots of yoga studios, drumming circles, alternative approaches to mental and spiritual well-being. I fit in.

Living Life on Cruise Control

These days it seems like people wake up in the morning, get dressed, and drive to work taking the same route. When they get there they do mostly the same work day after day. At the end of the day they revisit their to-do-list checking off what got done and transferring the items that didn’t get done to tomorrow’s to-do-list.

Please Interrupt Yourself

You know that interrupting someone when they are speaking is really rude. If you have children you have probably worked very hard to teach them to say “Excuse me”, before they break into conversations. What about interrupting you? I wish you would.

Bridge Building

Several years ago, while visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, I touched a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge which was part of a small scene constructed and sold by an artist. As I fingered the delicate arch, I wished with all my heart for a fleeting moment, that I could actually see the “real” Golden Gate Bridge.

Are You A Good Mother To Yourself?

Many moms dream about having more “me” time but don’t really know what to do with it when they have it. Guilt, fear and feeling like they don’t quite deserve it all play key parts in mom’s self-neglect. You give 110% when it comes to your family’s well-being. But how do you measure up at being a good mother to yourself? Take this short quiz to find out.

Understanding Subliminal Sessions And Self Healing Techniques

It is very important that we all learn about the power of using the self healing techniques that we have inside us. Man is a trinity being in that he has the body, soul and spirit. While some critics may argue that the soul is contained in the mind, it is also the mind. Therefore, we have all the power to heal our bodies, Spirits and souls. Among the most important healing processes, the one that we should think about deeply is that of the mind. In the mind is where we have our personality. Therefore, it would be right to assume that our mind defines who we are. One can train their minds to a predetermined thought-setups through subliminal sessions.

No Secrets of the Freemasons

So many things have been written about the Freemasons. There is so much confusion about what they stand for. If you asked 5 Masons what they stand for you may get 5 different answers. Why is that? Is it because they keep secrets? Maybe the answer is simpler than that.

The Heart-Brain Connection and Being Fully Human

Often you’ll hear someone say, “He operates totally from the brain,” or she “wears her feelings on her sleeve.” The implication is that there are two ways of operating, either from the heart or from the brain. The truth is that your life will be easier if you incorporate both.

The Wisdom of Dreams: Unlocking and Understanding Your Unconscious Guidance and Wisdom

Dreams have been described as ‘letters from the unconscious’; they are a communication from the wise, unconscious part of us that is inhibited and censored by our conscious minds. Dreams can tell us what we really want, but are afraid to admit to, and they tell us about our relationships, career and life direction. Dreams reveal our destinies and authentic self and reveal our true purpose and life path.

How Do You Know If You Are Free?

We treasure freedom. But are you really free in your personal life?

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