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Words and Wellness Series – Should and Could

In this installment of the “Words & Wellness Series”, we are reviewing the words “should” and “could.” One of these words carries guilt while the other offers up choices. Take care as to which of these words you use since, in today’s society, we often interchange these words believing the meanings are the same when, in fact, the usage of each word has significantly different results.

Perception – Finding Harmony Amidst Different Perceptions

Perception… our observation of all that’s around us. But do we see things the same? Perhaps we do with our human eyes since the mechanical processes of our eyes are essentially the same in everyone, with some exceptions. However, what about on an emotional, more personal level where we all perceive things through our own filters of our own thoughts or preconceived notions, based on our own experiences? What’s wrong for one may be right for someone else. What may be good for one may be bad for another. Is it possible to live in harmony where there may be so many different perceptions? Perhaps a story of one special woman (in my eyes) reveals how easily we can allow our perception produce a sense of falsehood about what really is; and how, if we clean the lens of our perception and open our hearts and minds, life can become oh so much more vibrant and clear, bringing disparate perceptions in harmony with one another.

Patience + Persistence + Positive Attitude + Proactive Action = Knowledge With Success

The results you achieve in your career, personal and spiritual life will depend on the attitude you have and the actions you take to achieve those goals. You will be able to continue to grow by being open to learning and taking that knowledge to fulfill your needs and goals.

New Year, New Hope and Maybe a New YOU

Every New Year is a different reason for celebration. And every New Year that is becomes the new hope for everyone. We try to leave the bad things that have happened last year and try to work out the things that must be done for a new year, this is what gives us hope.

Simple Living – Time For A New Day

The beauty of simple living is that not only do you find an amazing sense of peace and resolution from it, it also opens your mind in ways you may never have been able to be open before…if you allow this to happen of course. If we look at man and society we see groups of people divided by what they choose to believe in. This could be their religious convictions, or political persuasions or smaller social groups formed from judgments about things or other people. Either way, what exists is a desire to belong to something, to be recognized for something…often even when it makes no sense.

How To Be Effective In Your Work: Self-Questionnaire To Answer Your Need

Bosses are usually demanding and oftentimes inhuman. Their opinions are always right even if not. They don’t think twice when asking you to do things. And they see you as nothing but a piece of machine that is pushed-button. And you take all these things into a little demon at the back of your mind that dictates you to ruin this person.

How to Start Over Again and Why

There will always be a way for every bad situation and a solution for every problem. You may not get the answer right away, but it will arrive just in time. Maybe you needed to experience difficult things and bad situations in order to help you grow as a person. So when something fails or disappoints you, start all over again.

Three Things You Can Never Recover

We all need times of rest and relaxation to rejuvenate, but when you let yourself stay in a passive state of mind you don’t always recognize a great opportunity when it is presented to you. It might seem like too much work or too overwhelming to even start.

5 Easy Ways to Know Your Truest Capabilities

The world is a harsh reality or a beach covered with rose petals? How can you find out your best capabilities in your job? Read on and get introduced to 5 easy ways to create a better career-world for you.

How to Stop Feeling Bad and Guilty

I am sure you have gotten that bad or guilty feeling whenever you decide to do something for yourself. If that is the case, it might have occurred to you before that this particular feeling is actually preventing you from achieving more things in your life, or even preventing you from enjoying your life. Luckily, you do not have to feel this way every time especially when you try to do something to help yourself or get ahead of life.

What Is Taking Up Too Much Real Estate in Your Brain?

Have you ever thought about something so much that you came to the realization that it was taking up too much real estate in your brain? It could be too many irons in the fire. Or it could be something like dwelling on a wrong that was done to you, even years ago! Ever had that experience? Or perhaps it is subscribing to too many internet gurus you are trying to follow and learn from – so many that you get overwhelmed. Here are five tips to help you evaluate if something is taking up too much real estate in your brain.

The Body And Wisdom Minds Fight, The Ego Mind Is The Servant

In one system of thought it is said that we have three minds; Body, Ego, Wisdom. We are not one being, but rather three individual and separate beings living in one body. Those three minds each have their own desires and preferences, as well as fears or things they would rather avoid. Our life is a constant swing between the desires of each of those minds, as they often conflict. The Body mind is the basic animal with its desires and fears, get pleasure, avoid pain, eat sleep and reproduce. The Ego mind is our formed personality, who you are, religion, culture, language, opinions and all the other things that make you you. The Wisdom mind is what people refer to as the soul, higher self, spark of divine light, etc. This mind is what pushes a person to become more than they are, to rise above the petty human actions. It drives us with the questions of ‘Why am I here?” and “There must be more to life.”

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