Prepare Your Human Vessel First.. The Rest Will Manifest! [Law of Attraction]

Three Secrets Steve Jobs Knew About Following Your Dreams

“There is no reason not to follow your heart,” said Steve Jobs. When Steve Jobs died, I knew very little about him except that he was the co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Apple, and that his store has always been the highlight of our family visits to the mall.

Passion! Secrets to Finding and Following Yours

Do you wake up excited about the prospect of going to work every day? Does your career fill you with inspiration and determination or does the thought of going to work again drain you of your energy? When you find and follow your passion, you will be able to bounce out of bed full of energy and ready for inspired action. Learn some easy tips to help you find your passion and start Living.

The Three Fundamental Success Strategies For Women

Women often need help to empower themselves to achieve positive circumstances. This article reveals the Three Fundamental Success Strategies that women should learn and practice in order to do this.

Encourage Yourself

Thus, it is imperative to always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart. Remember that Time decides whom you meet in life; your heart decides who you want in life while your behaviour will decide who will stay in your life.

Play the Lead: It Is Your Life

Are you playing the supporting actor instead of the star in your life? If you are this article was written for you. It is time for you to play the leading role in your own life.

Discover Your Power

Many of us come into this world looking for instruction manuals. In attempt to discover ourselves we listen to the voices the surround us especially the negative ones. We forget that we came into this world as living beings and worthy of all of our dreams. If the road map you are using to navigate your life has left you without a clue as to where your power and strengths are then this article is for you.

Is There an App For That? Part II: Compassion

Welcome to the second article of this four part series of Is there an app for that? We are discussing the components to an application for change. And the first component that comes to mind is Compassion.

What Is a Gut Feeling?

For years people would say that if you talk to yourself than you are crazy. Fact is, we all talk to ourselves daily and much more than you would think.

The Importance of Balancing Being and Becoming

Beingness Versus Becomingness – Feeling a little run down? Life beginning to look like a marathon? Not getting the balance right between being and becoming can lead to big time burnout and can keep you from experiencing deeper, wholehearted success, now.

Courage to Overcome All

It takes courage to face the struggles and challenges of life. Most times it is easier to just avoid difficult people, challenging situations, and personal weaknesses, but when we find the courage to face such trials with a glad heart, growth occurs and strength is received. The courageous voice of the inner child tells us that when we leap, the net will appear.

The Value Of Apologising

A truly humble state of mind is demonstrated by those who can apologise easily to others. However, people who think they are right won’t apologise. They tend to be conceited and those situations for which they don’t apologise will not improve.

Rupture and Repair: What I Learned About Healing From My Broken Leg

7 things I learned about healing from my broken leg. An exploration of the parallels between physical and psychological healing.

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