Predictions for 2022 That Can Change Everything!!!

How To Get Through Tough Times With These Tactics

So you want to know how to get through tough times. Most people will tell you that they have been there, done that. In fact when they tell you this its true! Almost everyone has faced some tough times during their life. Money, love, loss, health they are all topics of hardship for some people.

Master of Your Life

William Ernest Henley wrote, “You are the Master of your Fate, The Captain of your Soul.” Thoughts are powerful things and you and only you have control over them and therefore control over your fate and soul. The thoughts you think will manifest in your life and shape and form the world around you. Everything is made up of subatomic particles held together by forces unseen. Your body is also made up of these forces and form the pathways through which your brain controls your body, and you brain receives all its input from your mind. Many people do not believe in the power of the mind because it cannot be seen but many people at one time didn’t believe in radio waves. Today radio waves travel the world and are part of our everyday life, so much so that if someone told us they didn’t exist today we would laugh at them.

Things You Need to Know About Joining the Military

When joining the military is a thought in your mind, talking to a military recruiter should be the first order of business. Many people are intimidated about taking this first step and you should not feel this way. I once recruited for the United States Marine Corps, so I can speak from my experience.

Like People First

Have you ever noticed how it’s always the friendliest of people that have the most friends. This is such a standard thing in every day life that it almost seems dumb to start out this post with that statement but it’s no coincidence.

7 Things YOU Can Do to Overcome Control Freakdom

The good news is you can stop yourself from being a control freak. I have worked with women who sincerely want to lessen their anxiety and attachment to control. Here are 7 things you can do to overcome being a control freak.

Lie Down and Tell Me About It

Over the past several decades, therapy has become the flavor of the month pastime. Many of those on the outside want to get in, and would if finances permit it, and those on the inside want to stay in.

The Most Important Way of Dealing With Change

If you have ever recognized a need for change in your life, there must have been a reason for it. I am guessing that something or someone had pushed you to the very edge; hence your consideration for a change. OK, so you have arrived at that place of consideration and this is what usually happens.

Accelerating Learning – Is It Good or Bad?

You’re probably wondering why we need to accelerate learning. Accelerating learning, is it good or bad?

Can You Benefit From A Life Coach For Personal Growth?

A life coach is very useful for motivation and reaching goals when you need support. By gaining tools, one can get past the stumbling blocks and elevate one’s life.

In Unity We Trust

Let go, detach and let those inspirations guide you. Life is not as it appears!

Don’t Give Your Doubts Any Benefits

Do you know what you doubt? This article may give you some reasons and some insights to think about – and you might be able to start changing them…

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say, Because You Do Anyway

Many of us have heard that thinking negative is destructive and try as we might we find it difficult to change. We say things that we really do not mean, and we phrase things in ways that can cause us further emotional damage. Words are what form our lives and our minds, shaping our outlook. We often say one thing while meaning something else! Statements like “I hate it when people are late for appointments” for example. We know that we mean that we become discouraged when someone else fails to meet our expectations. We feel frustrated while waiting for people who cannot seem to keep their word. We may even worry that something has happened, causing us to fear the unknown. Even so, by phrasing our thoughts one-way while meaning something else it is unproductive and even destructive.

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