Powerful Secrets to Becoming a MONEY MAGNET [Law of Attraction]

In Control While Out of Control

Why do we hang on with such tenacity to what doesn’t work in our lives? Is it the fear of losing control? Can we, in fact, learn to control less in order to gain greater control of our lives? By making even a few simple changes in our lives, I believe we can and in doing so, enrich not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us.

Choice Within – How to Live With Integrity

The truth is (pun intended) that it is not work at all. When we adhere to the above definition of having integrity, we are actually in complete agreement with our true selves. It is when we start to lie to ourselves and others that the true work begins and our mind, body and soul become uncomfortable.

Letting the Balls Drop – Stop Multi-Tasking Now

We have lots to do with little time to do it – so we multi-task. This article will show how to get out of this self-defeating habit and get more done.

Living By Faith In Times of Confusion

Whether you relate to God as separate from yourself, or existing and manifesting through you, faith is the inner sense that connects you to your divine nature. It has the inherent quality of cognition and yet it is different from mental reflection or intellectual knowledge. And its true power lies on the fact that it is an attitude that transcends itself, because it goes beyond the separate “I-sense” or false ego, and surrenders all manifestations to a higher power.

Are People Born Positive Or Can It Be Learned?

Have you ever wondered how people stay so positive when they are met with adversity? Maybe they have some special power, or were born that way, or their brains work differently, or they aren’t really as optimistic as they may seem.

Stuck on Sacred Cows

Not everything that is instigated stays relevant, but so often we think of them as sacred cows and get stuck in the things we do without remembering why. We should evaluate everything we do, often, and stop doing things that don’t make sense anymore as well as start doing new things that make more sense.

Right Now – The Speed of Life

Life has vastly sped up. That can be good or bad. Impatience with things that take as long as they take is futile and childish. But things like instant responses to communications and fast delivery times can make our lives easier. At any rate we should never speed up to the point that we miss life along the way.

The Five Signs That You Need Self Growth

Sometimes, a little self growth is just what you need. Here are five signs that mean you should definitely start trying to improve your life.

Fear Is Not Always Your Friend

I have been exploring what I fear in life: past, present and future. Creating a list of fears and then going back and exploring each to figure out where those fears originated.

The Mediocrity Of Conformity – The Two Decisions That Will Decide Your Destiny

This is a short article for you- and at the same time it is a challenge. Learn to think for yourself. Make the decision to reject conformity. Start today with the two choices that you can make immediately that will change your destiny for the better.

The Power of Your Inner Dialogue

Are you aware of the power of your Inner Dialogue? If not just stop reading for a moment and listen. It’s that inner voice which is constantly chattering away to you. Chances are you have ignored this little voice and if you have you are missing a very important factor in manifesting your desires. Your inner dialogue is a very powerful tool in developing your own personal power.

Personal Development

Personal development is an on-going process. It does not stop once we leave an institution of formal education.

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