Powerful Practices to Keep Your Vibrations High Throughout the Day [Start Doing This Now!]

Why Is The World Changing?

Have you noticed that our world is shifting into something new? That the old doesn’t seem to be working anymore. All of the leading forces that have controlled our world for a long time are changing.

Elocution Lessons – How They Help Improve Your Public Speaking

Why are elocution lessons important? Mastering the art of oral communication skills can change your social economic status by helping you land the career of your dreams. Many people seek speech training to help them get better paying jobs. Effective communication skills can help an individual obtain just about anything his heart desires, just by conveying grammatical correct structure of a language.

A Limiting Belief Leads to Longer Commuting Time

This article details a limiting belief and how it sabotaged one woman’s time with her family. It explains how to find your own limiting beliefs and change them at a conscious level so they no longer influence your behavior.

How To See Life

We can get locked into seeing the world as we think it is, instead of seeing what is real. This can come from how we feel about ourselves. We project how we feel outwards. We may hold onto past memories and replay them in the present, recreating our old experiences in the world around us.

How to Change

Personal development is fundamentally concerned with the process of change so, in this article, I want to address the question of how to change. As human beings, we are all essentially change-resistant.

Review, Revamp, Rebuild

Are you having fun yet? The energies we are experiencing at this time are intense and life changing. We have experienced two eclipses in the last few weeks, Mercury is retrograde, Uranus is about to begin moving direct again and the Sun is blasting us with Solar energies. All these events are pushing us toward change, whether we are ready for it or not.

Stand Out As a High School Student

High school is an exciting time. It’s the beginning of a new chapter of a book, where jocks and cheerleaders are supposedly the cream of the crop. In real life however, you’ll probably want to score high grades to get in a great college, with the off chance of a scholarship. This article will guide you to stand out as a high school student.

Top 10 Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

Every year there are a few who defy the odds and keep their New Year’s resolutions. They keep going to the gym regularly. They don’t go back to the sugary sodas. They finally learn that foreign language. They stick to their resolutions. What is it that sets the resolution-keepers apart from the resolution drop-outs? Here are 10 tips to making your resolutions stick this year.

How to Learn From Failure

Something that firmly separates winners from losers is the ability to rise above defeats and in many cases, famous people actually enjoyed some of their greatest victories immediately following defeat. Is it just a question of persistence; not knowing when you are beaten; or is there something more to it than that?

The Rules of Life

At the local airport, I saw a little book entitled the Rules of Life. It is an intriguing title and although I didn’t buy it, it did set me thinking about what I thought those rules might be and what might be the consequence of not following them.

Why Personal Development Is Not A Soft Option

Personal development training is still referred to in many circles as soft skills training, which does not do justice to the real value of personal development. There is nothing soft about personal development, and when engaged with properly at an individual and organisational level it is a powerful precursor and contributor to success and fulfilment.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality typing system based around nine distinct personality types – the theory being that everyone falls into one of these nine categories. Some say that it is an ancient system with its origins traceable to Sufism, others suggest that it is much more recent.

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