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Self Actualization – Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

I have hesitated for years to go for the things that make me happy. On my 45th year, I have finally gathered the guts to take a break from the monotony of the job that has made me stressed and unhappy for many years.

Personality Development Tips – Three Basic Rules To Achieve Results You Want

A time-tested strategy is always to begin by figuring out the areas you want or need to change. Then you need to live by three basic rules to achieve results you want to achieve.

Giving The Gift That Means the Most: Our Presence

Making an authentic effort to connect your attention with your subtle, inner world means expanding your presence. This is, perhaps, the most important undertaking because it will enrich every area of your life. And, this kind of effort will grow the strength of your heart and inner courage too.

How to Dissolve Separation

Dissolving barriers within makes it easier to see and live in unity and peace. The fulfilling circle of unity is more than a shape it’s a way of live that can be easily accomplished each day.

The G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S Life

So what does it take to live a glamorous life? You should be focused like a bullet in flight to make your dreams come true. It’s time to live exceptionally well. Demand quality without compromise. You were designed to master life in its every phase. You don’t have to compromise, settle for less, or believe you can’t have it all. The word compromise is not sexy and frankly pretty ugly if it’s a standard you’ve set in your life. Go after what you want and believe you can get it!

How to Approach Self Improvement Resources – Personal Development Tips for Very Smart People

Most articles I write are of an advisory nature. As well as helping others to think about their nature and actions. Writing helps me as an individual to grow and develop.

Personal Goal Example – Set an Example For Yourself

Whenever you face any difficulty in your life, you often get confused. You do not see any way out from it. However, you can always fight against all the bad things, which could happen, in your life. For this purpose, you always have to choose one goal…

How to Survive the Destructive Power of Shame

Shame is a feeling of worthlessness that was firmly embedded into just about everyone in my generation. Our parents, teachers, coaches and relatives all believed that shame was necessary to provide self-discipline, motivation, encouragement and even love. But I didn’t realize how shame has been systematically destroying my life since I was a child.

What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

In this article, we begin to investigate and map out what you want out of life. We will never get what we want until we have a clear idea of what it is – how else will we ever know when we achieve it?

Loyalty Vs Blind Loyalty In Families

Loyalty is essential for genuine family solidarity. But blind loyalty leads to family dysfunction. A loyal family member is faithful to the family’s traditions and honors its obligations. A loyal family member is emotionally present with support and encouragement during success or duress. These unwavering devotions are admirable and observable: just look at how a loyal family member helps another member during an illness, a financial crisis, the breakup of a marriage, death.

I’m All In!

Can you recall the last time when you had an attitude or feeling that told you – “no matter what, I’m doing this!”, “Come hell or high water, nothing can stop me!”. Those are mighty good feelings when they come around – and sometimes absolutely imperative to success.

Are You Teachable?

One desireable trait for change is being teachable. Are you teachable? Are you open to learning something new, doing something in a different way and even being open to what you don’t know?

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