Powerful Morning Meditation

What’s the Deal With Adult Bullies?

Bullies can be found everywhere, in our schools, in our offices, and maybe worse, in our families. At one time or another, each of us has encountered a bully and below are three key questions you need to know the answers to.

Public Speaking and the Law of Perpetual Transmutation

When I first learned abut the Laws of the Universe, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy was the one that gave me the most heartburn. I had never heard of “perpetual transmutation” before and it was a bit confusing. Even when I heard the standard definition – energy moving into form, through form, and back into form – the word “perpetual” and “transmutation” kept me from seeing the obvious.

3 Foolproof Ways To Gain Inner Strength And Overcome Your Inner Fears!

Courage is defined as the quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear. It is not without the challenge that we can say we are truly courageous. Many of us experience fear everyday, and sometimes we are even paralyzed by it. We are allowed to feel all these things. In fact, we should! We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t attach emotions to our experiences. Showing courage does not require us to show continual sacrifices, but by taking life in its stride and overcoming the barriers that come our way, we will bring out the true hero inside. But how do we acquire a fearless attitude when we have doubts about the outcome?

Simple Personal Image Improvement Tips

It also affects how you walk as you cannot slouch when you know that you look good thus improve your personal image. Another tip is to…

Avoid Anxiety With The Linden Method

Many people are dealing with anxiety and depression, and these are illnesses that affect the way your brain reacts to certain situations. For years people have tried to discover some cure for this illness, and though there has been some improvements by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT or medicines, the results have not been significant. The reason is because anxiety and depression and not diseases that are easily curable since they are more than just chemical components. They involve thoughts and feelings as well.

More Than Talent and Skills

We all have talent but we do not have equal talent even if our talent are similar they are not of the same degree. Some people are have many talents and are said to be multitalented, all of us have at least one thing which we can do very well. Talent alone does not guarantee success if we look around in our society we will see many talented people who are not successful.

Taking a Different Kind of Guilt Trip

Recently I worked with two personal coaching clients, each of whom discovered that guilt was seriously impeding their ability to make progress. Each engaged in an on-going guilt trashing exercise I created.

How To Improve Your Life Through A Consistent Process

Do you get to a point where nothing seems to work? Find the absolute best way to improve your life. Take these steps and your life will get better.

Why Are We Encouraged To Laugh All The Time?

Laughter is one of the best medicines in the world. Just by laughing, one can feel good therefore lessening the stress he is under. If you want to know more about why laughter is very good for the body, then read the following article.

How To Find Your Keys And Your Dreams

How many times have you lost your car keys? You put your keys down, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, watch the television, get on with your life, and then you need to go out and you can’t remember where you put your keys. You search everywhere, so why is it that you can never find them? How would you like to find them every time? How would you like to be certain that you can always find your keys (or anything else) whenever you want to? You don’t need to buy an electronic key finder, you can do it yourself. Everybody has the ability to do this if you just know how. Once you have learned how, you can use the same method to find your dreams.

Personal Development: Why Is Learning So Important?

Well, metaphorically, it really is going to school, but not the school you have associations with teachers and falling asleep at flipping open the book. In my training and therapeutic practice, I have seen many people who are very educated but they stop learning. Can you think of such people? A professor who thinks he’s always right. A spouse who tells his/her other half that something is “impossible” without actually verifying it.

Changes in Relationships – Tips on How to Have More Love

Love. We all want it. Yet the process of finding or sustaining it can be challenging or even painful. Here are tips on how to experience greater love and fulfillment.

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