Powerful Morning I AM Affirmations 10 Minute Guided Meditation

The Magic Of A Smile

Antoine de St. Exupery was a famous French author. He was also a fighter pilot who fought in the Spanish Civil War against the fascists, before he was killed in the Second World War whilst fighting against Nazi Germany.

So Can Goals Really Help You To Get Off Of Your Butt And Do Something? – Part 1

So Can Goals Really Help You To Get Off Of Your Butt And Do Something? – Part 1 is part of a 2 part series. We will be taking a close look at an astonishing fact, that even the elite go getters can so often even forget to apply to their own desired lives outcomes.

Honing In on The Art of Persistence

How is it that some people reach their lifetime goals and dreams while many don’t? The answer isn’t difficult to find. It’s called the art of persistence.

We Create Who We Are

How many times have you heard someone saying that he is trying to find himself? How did he get lost in the first place? Isn’t the supposed search for one’s self simply an admission of a certain lack of focus and/ or self- discipline?

Graduating To Good Habits

Graduation is a time to reflect on how choices impact your direction in life. The decisions you make from here on will have more and more influence on your journey and where you end up. Make good choices, develop good habits. Find purpose, act with purpose.

The Way Of Tea

The Japanese have a penchant for turning the seemingly ordinary into the sacred. The tea culture, more appropriately called The Way of Tea, is one of Japan’s richest traditional practices. Called Chado, it finds sublime expression in the deceptively simple act of brewing and serving tea.

Change Is Good: I’ll Go First!

The only constant thing in our lives is change. However, few people like — much less love — changing.

Cats Gone Metro

A recent relocation has brought with it some very interesting realizations. After ten years of suburb living my husband and I have found ourselves face to face with the age-old location dilemma: urban vs. suburban.

Two Insights That Change Your Life

It’s been over thirty years since I had this experience and yet it’s so vivid that I am still learning from it today. In this article, I’ll share why the insight from this experience was so important-and how it led to another insight that was even more profound. This second insight opened the door to a special technique that I now use every day to put me into a state of heightened awareness and powerful positive energy. I hope you’ll find these insights just as powerful in your life.

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

If you were suddenly stripped of your old identity, your roles or your title, who do you think you would be? How would you define yourself? Often we have molded ourselves into the person who everyone wants us to be.

Is Self-Help Making You Worse?

A lot of Life Coaches, NLP Practitioners and other ‘Change Specialists’ will focus on getting you to a place where it is like you never had your problem. People who ‘eradicate’ their problems through using self-help could be missing out on something amazing, a top Life Coach says.

The Power of Listening: One Person’s Story

It seems to me that we spend a lot of time thinking about what we are going to say, and inserting our own experiences into our conversations. When was the last time you simply listened to someone who needed to talk, without any agenda and with an open mind? Do you have a story like “my son has a brain tumor” story?

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