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Baby Boomers Retire Now What?

As Baby Boomers retire and transition into a new life many wonder what they will do with the 2000 plus hours they used to give to a job, business, or career. Feeling lost and even depressed many join numerous clubs and activities just to keep busy. Have you ever heard a retired person state, I am busier now than I ever was before?

Dealing With Fear – 5 Common Mistakes and Solutions

When dealing with fear we all make mistakes this is not a bad think so long as we learn from them. There are five common mistakes dealt with here. They are numbered 1 to 5 here, however this is not in any particular order of importance because each one can be as destructive as the other. People who deny they are afraid will in some cases become extremely angry. This fear in the guise of anger can be quite troublesome, not only for the person who is afraid but for others.

Feel the Fear Then Let It Go – Part 2

This article is a continuation of Feel the Fear then Let It Go Part 1 where we discovered how to put the “acknowledge, let go, share,” formula for dealing with fear into action. In this part and in Parts 3 and 4 we will deepen our understanding of each step in the process and gain a deeper understanding into how it works. It is essential that we are continually developing our understanding of how we deal with fear and to practise this formula until it becomes an automatic response in fear situations. The first step of the formula is now examined in detail.

The Problem With Perfect

Most of us have an idea of perfection in many areas of our lives. We dream of the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect vacation, the perfect life. The idea of perfection can catapult us to greater heights, but it also has a downside. Approaching goals or tasks with perfectionistic ideals can wreak havoc with our self-esteem when we fall short of the ideal. Adopting a more realistic approach may be the route to balance and peace. It may also lead to accomplishing more with better results.

What Is Procrastination? Beat It and Become a Happier Person Who WILL Achieve More!

Nothing is more destructive than procrastination, it will slowly but surely eat away at your goals and dreams in life and you will not even know it’s happening until it is too late. It can be a silent killer – the dream stealer. When one or two small things get put off it’s ‘no big deal’ – however, as with any repetitive behavior, left to take it’s own route, it can become a potentially destructive habit.

Whoever Said I Don’t Have To Do It Because I Don’t Want To?

This article takes A Deeper Look at the Comfort Personality, and the propensity for Comfort people to be passive in life, avoiding responsibility and expecting others to handle things for them. I examine where these beliefs come from, how our childhood experiences and observations can lead us to take a “wait and see” approach to life, which indicates a belief that we can’t handle the demands of the adult world.

Exaggerated Comfort Will Rob You of Life

This article takes a deeper look at the Comfort Personality type. When we UNconsciously choose this type we’re choosing to live our lives passively, which robs our lives of goals and accomplishments. I look at the case of Joel, who is unable to commit to any plan of action. He simply hasn’t learned the practical life skills necessary to live successfully in the adult world. But, be encouraged: Comfort people can break the cycle of passivity and direct their lives in an active way.

Q and A on Healing Work

Healing work is often misunderstood by those who have not experienced it. Even for those who have had sessions, the actual intricacies of what happens are unclear.

Yoga, Tai Chi And Meditation

We are living thru perilous times, and the hopes and visions of most people are geared to technology and money. The desire to explore our innermost nature is on the backburner. We need to verify ourselves thru Facebook or Twitter.

Embrace Your Midlife Crisis

Once upon a time, you were young…. Life spanned the horizon, full of promises. You had your life mapped out, wife and children by the age of 35, a great career, money in the bank, holidays twice a year, a beautiful home, good health, a fast car… in fact, your life would be pretty fantastic. Fast forward to now and you wake up wondering who you are, you have a good job but you do not feel fulfilled and you begin to wonder whose life you have been living.

Do You Live Your Life in the Past?

Living in the past can ruin your life. When we hang on to the past it usually is related to something that someone said or did that resulted in negative consequences.

Creating Change: Is Negativity Getting in the Way?

Are you a negative person? Have you gotten into an argument with a friend, co-worker or spouse who has proclaimed “You are such a negative person to deal with!” Do you spend more time thinking about what’s wrong in your life than what’s right? Do you find that your friendships are dwindling and that everyone is always busy?

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