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Get Your Love Swagger On

Would you like to experience more genuine, authentic and engaging relationships with your family, girlfriends, co-workers, spouse or anyone you interact with? Your inner “ME” mojo must align with your actions for your love swagger to shine outward. You may be thinking, “swag what?” Check it…here is the skinny on love swagger and how you can be your beautiful swagalicious self.

Reach In! Reach Out!

For the most part I write articles from personal experiences and from what I know to be truthful. It is apparent that many of us live in what is called the “land of the breathing dead”. That place is hard to escape from because we may not realize we are even in that sort of place to plan an escape and that there is a real problem.

You’d Think Saving Someone’s Life Would Mean They’d Show a Little Kindness in Return

Have you ever felt that? Ok, so maybe not about something as dramatic as saving someone’s life and then being floored about how self-centered they appear later. But how about in everyday situations? Like going to work every day and giving it your all while resenting the boss who never so much as acknowledges your efforts? Or the frustration you feel after arranging your entire schedule around your teen-aged daughter’s extracurricular activities only to have her glare at you (when you can’t accommodate a last-minute request) and say “you never do anything for me!” Or feeling angry that the guy doesn’t even call you after you’ve had a really great evening together.

Part of the Package

Each one of us has had many choices or decisions to make in our lives. In the decisions that we have made, we may have not liked the cards that were dealt. Now if someone else looks at your situation, they would take it and run with it. There are ups and downs to most things that we face in life. We can dispute the points of what we like and do not like, but does it really make a difference? Find out ways to deal with what you are going through.

Mindset Is Everything!

Having a victim mentality does nothing for one’s pursuit of greatness. Commit to investing in yourself, staying motivated and inspired so that you too can develop a winner’s mindset and become whatever and whoever you want to be!

Real Life Isn’t Boring! How to Live Life With No Regrets

Life goes by so quickly – don’t miss out on the extraordinary opportunities you have to live life without regret! Ask yourself this question, if you left this world tomorrow, would you feel as if you lived life to the fullest extent? While you can’t turn back the clock and change past events, would you – if you had the power – change the way things are now? Perhaps you would change where you live, your financial status or improve your personal relationships. Maybe you would drive a different car, play more golf, travel to exotic places, be more physically fit, or relax in a hammock on the beach.

Some Old Wicked Habits

No one is just spared of wicked habits. Everyone’s unaware of these habits unless a kind soul gives concern and would unselfishly, but kindly check out on the habits. Here’s what I saw.

Personal Development: ‘Zero-Based Thinking’ For Those Difficult Decisions!

Personal Development is a vast theme that covers many topics, utilizing scores of tools and techniques to advance your development. I think Brian Tracy’s “Zero-Based Thinking” is one of the most useful, hard-hitting personal development techniques out there, cutting to the heart of issues and eliminating potential roadblocks in your own development. Find out more about one of the most important personal development techniques…ever!

Dying With Bait In Mouth

Just how easy would it be for you to fall into a trap. What do you stand to lose?

Finding Your Passion

Find your passion and you will find your life’s purpose. Passion is the launching pad for success in all endeavors.

Why Your Fears Hold the Keys to Strong Personal Growth

Our fears are what can be holding us back the most in our lives. Everybody has them; it is a part of being human; we collect them throughout our lives until we have the wisdom to let go of them. They affect us in our everyday lives and we are not even aware of most of them.

Get “Undressed”

I’d like you to think about the way you’ve been dressing. I know there are items that you are wearing that you never should have tried on in the first place. It’s time to get undressed but it’s not what you think. Take the fear off, don’t try on doubt & worrying is not the new black. Upgrade the image of yourself on the inside. Rather than fuss about what other people will think, dress yourself for success, choosing good things will only flatter your life. You can wear it well!

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