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Let It Be – Lessons From an Evening With Wayne Dyer

I had the honor of seeing Wayne Dyer speak in Santa Monica and I was really touched by his message and wanted to share my thoughts and what I learned from his wisdom. If you don’t know Wayne Dyer, I truly encourage you to read or listen to his material. He has changed my life.

Releasing Depression by Accepting What You Can and Can’t Change

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues and one of the most medicated. There are multitudes of people walking around doing their best to cope with depression. There are those who have a chemical imbalance in their brain which is assisted by pharmaceutical drugs. Most people struggling with depression move to happiness by changing attitudes, thoughts and behavior patterns.

The Poverty of Plenty

A concept was recently given to me that in America we suffer from the poverty of plenty. This, of course, on the surface is a contradiction. Poverty implies that we are in great need and is often associated with the basics essential to life: food, clothing, shelter.

Reinvent Your Life Through Masterminding With Others – The Power of the Mastermind

Did you know that meeting regularly with a mastermind group could change your life? Read on to find out how to do this successfully.

How to Develop Your Core Competence and Skills

Your skill can help create a steady source of income stream as long as it is continuously developed. Failure to work on your core competence can ultimately lead to frustration and defeat.

Focusing on the Good Stuff

Be honest. How many times have you found yourself having a really great day, feeling good, things going well, when one small thing happens that’s not so good or somebody makes a comment that is not very positive?

Lifestyle Management Programmes – Manage Your Lifestyle

Managing lifestyle is necessary because it influences social and professional life both. The article aims at understanding the effect the lifestyle has on the profession.

How to Be Less Overwhelmed at Work and Have More Time to Enjoy Life

Do you find that all you do is related to work? Does every waking hour have you thinking and worrying about what you did, what you said or how you are going to deal with a situation in relation to your work?

Astral Projection Is a Reality Not a Myth

Astral projection is possible and now you can use this adventure to transform your life. This is a technique that many people have scoffed at but researchers are astounded to discover how many individuals have already had an out of body experience.

The Covenant

Sometimes I wonder how people can get so mixed up about the simple things in life. I suppose that is why they sell the “stupid” books. I Googled “How-to God” the other day and you would not believe the thousands of links offered to help a person learn the simple how-to’s about God.

Subliminal Messages – Amazing Benefits From The Power They Provide

Subliminal messages are suggestions that are received below the level of threshold. This is known as masking. Variety of subliminal messages will change your life. Did you know that there’s a greater and stronger inner force in each of us?

How to Make a Difference With a Tight Budget

We can all make a difference in the world. It may seem like making a difference in the world would be too big or too hard, yet we can all change the world just by changing the life of one person. While it may seem that transforming a life would be a difficult, expensive, or invasive endeavor, it can be simple, easy and fun. It is the small things that can make a difference in another person’s life and these fall well into even the tightest of budgets.

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