Powerful I AM Affirmations For Positive Change ~ Guided Meditation

Happiness – Alignment to Let Life Flow Freely

You probably notice in your life the resistant effort when you expect too much or when you are upping the ante to have more to be happy. You become frustrated and irritated.

Understanding Sleep Better

An activity that is not favoured on an average by toddlers but is very dear to adults- sleeping. Did you cry too when you were a child being put to bed but you wanted to play some more? Did you too later realise how important those hours of sleep were when you pulled all-nighters during exams or lost sleep over piling up work in office? Today let’s understand some technical aspects of sleep, what it does for the body and brain, how it is important for your memory and the effects of sleeplessness.

Be Assertive And Get Ahead

Picture the scene: You’re up to your armpits with work, you’ve got emails to attend to, calls to make, your coffee’s long since gone cold and you need to make time to train. Then your colleague asks you to help out with a project and doesn’t take no for an answer. What then? Well, then you need to be assertive.

Is Conflict Bad?

Most people do not like to be in conflicting situations and shy away from it completely. The problem is that when we avoid conflict, we can develop anxiety, sleeping problems and depression because we are not solving those issues. In the article I’ll discuss how to deal with conflict and resolve it.

Use Habits To Change Your Being – Do We Really Have Freedom Of Choice?

One of the greatest weaknesses or flaws in the human design is that we function on habits. If you observe yourself throughout the course of a day, you will find that the vast majority of things you say or do and even think, are automatic and repetitive, basically habitual functions.

A Ride Through Depression to Expression

Some months after my good friend died the sadness and loss I felt brought about other old unresolved trauma and feelings of loss and grief. And with that came a chain of related painful emotions of guilt, blame, shame, resentment, and regrets. It took an unwanted trip through a dark tunnel and a lot of courage to bring those repressed feelings to the surface to be expressed, resolved and dissolved, naturally.

The Smiling, Old Man – A True Story

One day when I went shopping for groceries to a market with my mother, I came across an old man who was selling tomatoes. He wasn’t the only vendor there selling tomatoes and his wares weren’t the juiciest. But there was still something about him that made him stand out in a crowd of so many people shouting and bargaining.

How to Be Your Own Caretaker

What is well-being? It is a state of complete coordination of both your mind and your body. It is that time in life when you become neither too happy with things nor too sad; everything is in proportion. If something bad has happened to you, you are able to put it into perspective and separate logic from emotions and make rational decisions. You do not feel peer pressure or the need to mould yourself to be accepted by everyone, that means you are contented with where you stand in life. Well-being also implies you know what you want in life and you keep pushing yourself towards it.

3 Tips To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is one of the best ways to kickstart a day in the most productive, positive and healthy manner and be energized and motivated throughout the whole day. It takes time to form it as a habit. You begin by waking up earlier than you have to and investing that time in some activities that are good for your mind, body and soul.

What Is Psychiatry?

Since I was a kid, my mom and I never miss an episode of Criminal Minds, CSI and various other murder-mystery-solving serials. Due to this, I gained interest in this field and the way psychologically disadvantaged people think became fascinating to me – to study whats wrong and what actually goes in their minds!

Everyone Wants to Lead a Satisfied Life, Don’t We All?

What exactly does a satisfied life mean? We get up in the morning; have our first sip of coffee or tea to think about the day. How many people actually look forward to their day? People have the same old routine, so it gets monotonous way too often. One might just get sick of doing the same things everyday.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 4

Begin Now – The easiest thing you can do if you’re stuck in the mud is to PROCRASTINATE! Do nothing. Just sit there and wallow in the sticky, putrid, dreary muck you have been comfortable in for years.

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