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Drama, Trauma, and Time Travel

Have you been overreacting to little things? Want to figure out the root of it? Read this article now and find out how.

Do You Understand Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill, because it means you know how to work with all kinds of people, understand them and get along with them. Once you understand emotional intelligence, you can see the people around you who have it, and those who don’t: at work, in politics, in the media and in your neighborhood. The media use both EI and EQ (like IQ) as shortcuts for emotional intelligence.

Your Own Energy Body Is Your Psychic

Thoughts are things. They are not just secret energies we keep in our heads. We create them, and we energise them, we allow them to torture us, or we allow them to nurture us. The thing is, we often forget that it is our thoughts that create how we feel, emotionally. We think that our emotions just come up randomly or that other people cause us to feel a certain way. In other words, emotions can be controlled by our thinking. As if we are not complicated enough, we have this thing called the energy bodies.

Making Good Decisions

Learning to make good decisions is a skill that can be developed. Decision making requires one to remove the fear that is impeding the forward progress and to quiet the mind so the highest and best option can be made. Learn how to make good decisions that align with your purpose.

Self-Improvement – Towards Moral Virtue

What should we be aiming for when engaging in self-improvement? What role has the moral compass of right and wrong in our ideal self? What virtues matter?

Wellness For Fathers

Fathers have an immense responsibility. As we grow in fatherhood we understand that we need to take care of our families. To be able to provide in money, food, love and everything else means so much to us. We can sometimes become lost, especially when changes are occurring in our lives. How do we deal with those changes and how can we be even better fathers?

Writing About Your Core Values Is Powerful and Beneficial

Research shows that people who write about their core values once, for just ten minutes, feel more powerful, in control, proud, and strong and less stressed. And the benefits are long term!

Focus Your Attention Elsewhere

“Focus your attention elsewhere” is one of the first lessons a 50 year old woman learns as she goes on a walkabout with an Aboriginal tribe in Australia. The story is told in the book, Mutant Message Down Under, A Woman’s Journey into Dreamtime Australia. This was my lesson, as well, and I share what I learned with my friends and clients.

Do You Apologise When You Cry?

How do you react when you see someone cry? Many of us would be solicitious and keen to help. And yet if we’re upset and end up crying we’re often embarrassed and quick to conceal our distress. Is it right for us to apologise when we cry?

The Colors of You

As life develops, many of us have an urge to focus on the deeper issues-our dreams and goals, and our emotional and spiritual development. When this happens, life gradually becomes more about meaning and satisfaction and less about obligations and accomplishments. As you mature, you can focus on living the life you always wanted to live, tempered by the wisdom you have gained through your experiences.

Grieving Is a Healthy Part of Change

As an Executive Coach, I see disappointing changes in people’s careers and lives all the time. The promotion isn’t happening. The company is making you transfer to a new city.

Autonomy Vs Dependency

Self-determination and self-respect are the necessary keys to take full responsibility for and control over your own life. Without these keys, it’s easy to be caught up in the fantasy that there is someone else who will make it better, who can or should take total care of you, who is able to be responsible for you more effectively than you can yourself. We have this dream for two reasons: 1) when you were little your parents took care of you and made it better; and/or 2) overloaded or incompetent parents failed to teach…

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