Powerful FULL MOON Meditation to Protect Your Energies and Raise Your Vibrations [72 Hours Left]

You Are Not What You Do

After unsuccessfully applying for 200 jobs, a man recently committed suicide. His confused his job and his identity and that was a huge shame.

The Foundation of Life

Things are not as they seem. We create these wonderful lives full of opportunities for growth. These beautiful gifts we’re dying to receive.

5 Promises to Yourself in 2011

These days, it appears increasingly difficult to stay on the level emotionally. So much comes at us that it’s depressing to turn on the TV. To combat this heaviness that many feel, I have 5 suggestions to make us feel more buoyant this year. Please share them with your family and friends, since we all need to support one another.

The Ability to Alter Belief Systems Is Here – This Is the Secret!

What do you believe about life? Do you really get what is coming to you? Do you usually see the glass as half-full or half-empty? These are the kinds of questions that get you close to the law of attraction.

How to “Catch and Release” 2010

Imagine pulling up to your house at night. As you approach, something feels odd, out of place, amiss. It’s dark as the familiar lights on your street guide you along, though you don’t notice because you’re on automatic pilot. But, something has changed and your brain can’t quite fill in the blanks, so much so that you nearly pass your house entirely until you recognize the Christmas tree in your front window. You catch yourself at the last minute, so that you’re fully alert, no longer on auto-pilot. You pull into the driveway, get out of the car and cautiously turn back toward the street. That’s when you realize…

Simple Things To Tell Your Grandchildren

Make A Lot Of Mistakes – Avoiding mistakes makes us scared to move forward. Tell your grandchildren that they must make as many mistakes as possible so they get used to them as a normal part of life. Mad but simple!

A Positive Approach to New Year’s Resolutions – Setting New Year’s Intentions

Many people begin their new year with resolutions. These resolutions are usually about a behavior or circumstance they want to change. This year, instead of focusing on something negative you want to change, choose to set forth positive intentions for things you desire in the coming year. Its fun, easy and highly effective.

Words and Wellness Series – Need and Want

As an intuitive life counselor, I spend much time listening to what people “need” in their lives and what I am actually hearing is desperation. They need more money or need more time in their day. They need a new car or need a bigger house. Much need. Or is it?

Kick the Year Into Gear

I believe that we all have something we are challenged in some way. Some of us may be able to handle challenges easier than others, yet we all face challenges.

Why You Need a Vision Board

What drives your consistent actions is almost always your subconscious mind, as it is the one that controls your emotions and feelings. You should also know that your behaviors and actions are actually influenced and affected by the thoughts that carry the highest or strongest emotional charge. If you know this, then it should be quite easy to realize how important it is to make use of your subconscious mind to drive your passion and allow you to pursue what you really want in life.

How to Remain Happy Everyday

As they always say, laughter is the best medicine. In this article, we will look at how you can make use of laughter to remain happy everyday, and also other simple yet effective methods to help you stay happy everyday!

Five Areas of Healthy Change

There is something wonderfully reflective about a new year: it’s another chance to get it right. At the beginning of each calendar year I separate my life into five important areas: physical, emotional, professional, familial and spiritual. I analyze honestly how I’m doing in each category – well, of course I do; it’s my business! Today let me help you to analyze your life.

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