Powerful Full Moon Meditation: Connect, Cleanse, Heal & Set Your Intentions for 2021 Manifestations

Collective Co-Creating: Spiritual Calling or Cop-Out?

Do you ever feel like what you want, or what you are struggling with, is well, not really worthy or important or spiritual enough? This morning I was thinking about the advanced state of awareness that manifesting your dreams truly requires. It is not merely about wanting more, better, bigger “stuff.

Your Child Should Sleep On His Bed Not Under It

We live in a world of technology and we are all well aware of how dangerous that could get for our children. Mix technology with the old school values to raise your child in a way where he can live a full life, and perhaps change the world.

Learning To Fail Forward: 3 Best Strategies

In order to succeed in life, in business, it is important to put failures behind you. This is because the most successful men and women in the world are the ones who have learnt to “fail forward”.

The Secret of Successful Focusing

In these times it can be difficult to focus with all the myriad of distractions that a pound upon our senses. You may be writing a report when the phone rings, or you may remember that an important email was to be sent to you and you just have to check and find out. If you are scattered all over the place, something is going to suffer. I don’t believe in multitasking. To focus is to single task until you get the job or activity completed.

Grounded In Faith – Traditional Approaches To A New You

Stubborn energies of AriesStubborn energies of Aries, lunar eclipses, intense astrological constellations. Drama, tragedy, uproar, uncertainty, break downs. We have been through some intense months on our journey into the Aquarian Age. It was and will be exhausting at times, and for those of us who try to consciously move through the shift of the ages, are in dire straits for a break., lunar eclipses, intense astrological constellations. Drama, tragedy, uproar, uncertainty, break downs.

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship With Your Line Manager

Find out how you can improve your relationship with your line manager. This is a key relationship in work and it’s really important that you both understand each other and know what each other wants!

Everything Will Be Alright

Your problem’s solution could be found by changing your thinking technique. Clear your mind so you can think clearer, approach your problems differently, and enjoy the small things in life. Use your brain to eyes connection to solve your issues.

Fingers in the Door and Hands on the Stove

We learn to try to avoid pain. But avoiding pain causes pain, because it keeps us from living life. We can focus on the negative or on the positive. We can be buried under life or we can rise above life and live it on purpose, the way we want to.

Do Not Get Intimidated By Bullies At Work

Bully behaviour hurts another person and one should stop it before it can cause any serious damage to the victims.It may occur in school, office or even at home. Counselling for bullying is an effective way where both the bully and victim will know the after effects of bullying.

How Body Language Opens Communication

Have you ever come across people who seem to achieve whatever they want to? Does it seem to you that they are always doing the right thing at the right time? Your colleague knows the right time, when to ask your boss for a raise. The girl next door always gets invited to the right places, and knows how to get those extra tickets for tonight’s show, at a discount. Many celebrity talk hosts like Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters get the people to spill every minute information about themselves. How does this happen? This happens due to a simple concept called active listening.

The Game Called Life

Most of us grow us and assume that the life and surroundings we grow within are a reflection of who we are and then, who we will become. The Game Called Life delves beneath the surface to examine how we became the person we are today and what opportunities are easily available to help us become the person we really hope to be.

Stuckness and Doubt – Are They The Same Thing?

When you feel stuck, there must be a doubt present, or you wouldn’t feel such a challenge. You’d know exactly what to do, and you wouldn’t be stuck anymore! So how do you go from doubt to knowing EXACTLY what to do?

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