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Can Dressing-Up for a Wedding Turn Into a Miracle?

We all have attended social events, and there comes a time in which we can choose to change our perception and expect miracles. Keep on reading to find out how…

6 Tips to Building Resilience

Whilst some people are born with an abundance of resilience, for those who are not it is a behaviour that can be developed. As with anything worthwhile it takes practice and patience. Keep reading for my top 6 tips on building resilience.

How To Develop Emotional Flexibility

Since ancient times spiritual teachers have stated that the key to life is to live without fear. And that’s exactly what you did when you were born.

Pushing It

Tonight I went to an event at a spa and I met a lot of really great people. Believe it or not, prior to the event, I really did not feel like going. I’d had a tough day and I really just felt like calling it a day, but I had made a commitment so I followed through.

Meditation Tips and Myths

It’s not hard to find research that touts the amazing benefits of a meditation practice. Proven benefits include: anti-aging, weight loss, peace of mind, increased focus, lower blood pressure, etc. The list goes on and on. Would you like to experience these benefits? Does meditation seem out of reach? Perhaps you believe one of the following meditation myths.

Five Sur-Prizes

To Survive is a Surprise when I Surmise to Surrender & to Surcome to the destiny of my Life Path. Sur-vive means over or above – life.

Is Achieving Life Purpose More Important Than Comfort and Safety?

King Erith had a vision to unite all the Irish kingdoms into one kingdom. This was his life purpose. He knew it would create discomfort and involved a high measure of risk to himself and his kingdom.

Compassion and Dreams

Dreams offer you guidance that can transform your life. But, without self-compassion it can be difficult to fully explore the message they bring. Without compassion dreams can seem disturbing or frightening. However, the fright and fear you face can serve to prevent you from making irrational or destructive changes in your life. Real change starts when you begin facing your own fears and issues, instead of turning away from them. Having compassion allows you to open up to the vital messages your dreams carry and bring the healing changes they suggest into your life.

Why Do We Have to Be Asked to Do Something More Than What Is Expected From Us?

Everyone should have the chance to grow and be better, and everyone else should let them and help them to do so. Everything starts with a thought. And with that thought you start craving for more information. And you start seeing the bigger picture, and then you get emotionally involved. And when you are emotional about something, you have got the state of mind to gain enough courage to turn thoughts into actions.

Why The Journey of Transformation Isn’t for Everyone

Throughout our lives, we reach new milestones. At some point, tying our shoes was a challenge and accomplishment. Later it became mathematics, relationships, career and maybe leading a group of people. At each point, we transformed into someone new. As a adults, we sometimes believe transforming into someone new is no longer necessary. Yet, many of us seek greater accomplishments regardless of our age. This article outlines the importance of transformation throughout our lives as well as great examples of those who transformed the lives of others.

Get Back on Your Feet and Recover From a Serious Setback

Most of us experience hurt, disappointment and setbacks occasionally during our lives. Learning to weather those times, gain in knowledge and experience and then recover is an important skill to develop. Here are some tips to help at those times.

Our Shadow Self

There is no need to run from or bury the shadow side of ourselves! All we need to do is shine the light on it in order to make the dark vanish. Let’s take a walk into the shadows together!

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