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The Advantages of Expressing Your Needs

I used to have a client who went through a troubled time whenever she had to make a tough decision. During that time she would fall sick on a regular basis. The main issue was her not communicating what she was going through with anybody. Most importantly, she did not express clearly what she needed from people around her in those difficult times (even if the thing she needed was to be left alone). She “assumed” they would look at her and know. She believed they would scan her inside out and “sense”. But the world around us doesn’t work like that.

Self-Confidence, Key to the Mind

There are amazing powers asleep within you only awaiting you to release them; the key being the development of your self-confidence. There are many things that at first glance seem impossible or cryptic and pure nonsense. To gain an understanding of this let me use the martial arts as an example. When you first walk into a school you see some people stumbling and tripping over their own feet and other people moving in ways you never thought people could move. The difference between these two groups is not only the training but the self-confidence they have gain within themselves. When you begin training you learn the basics, how to stand, how the make a fist, how to punch and kick. You are only taught the basics and you also begin learning a form. A form is a series of movements, kicks, punches, blocks and stances all aimed at training the body and mind to work together. You practice these forms until be flow without even thinking and that in turn builds your self-confidence.

Success in Life – 3 Things to Do to Have Backups of Essentials in Place – Plan for Success

We are diligent about backing up our computer files and having backup for ourselves at work or for a personal appointment, we have some one to watch the kids. However, for the essentials items around the house we fall short, literally. The essential household staples are something you cannot run out of.

Success Sabotage – 3 Easy Steps to Eliminate the Clutter That Sabotages Your Success

Your environment contains too much stuff. You have too much stuff in your house, office, garage, attic, and in your head. All this useless clutter is weighing you down, getting in the way obscuring the things you need and keeping you from making intelligent decisions. There are easy steps to solve this problem.

Power of Habit

When we hear the word habit we tend to immediately associate it with a bad habit; where habits can be of both a good and a bad nature. Yet more times than not, the habits we form are of a bad nature. We overeat, smoke, drink, drugs, bite our nails, or an endless list of other bad habits that we have adapted into our lives. The habits we form grow out of the environment in which we live and the acts we do, or the thoughts we think, over and over again. It is formed through repetitively using one of your five senses in a specific manner. Once the habit is formed you will repeat it automatically over and over without any conscious thought; the only time it usually enters you mind is after you have preformed the habit. We all have habits whether they are good or bad, we have them. Take a good look at yourself and list some of the habits you have on a sheet of paper. After you have them listed write next to each habit if it’s a good or bad habit. Next to that try to remember how you formed these habits.

Love Yourself First: 10 Tips

Love is in the air! Although Valentine’s day may have lost a bit of its appeal (perhaps it depends on who you ask:)) I love everything that has to do with showing love, respect and appreciation.

Take A Second Look – Key Success Ingredient

When you find yourself standing at a crossroads, you will likely approach the quandary before you methodically. A common rationale for forging ahead methodically is the belief that there is no time to investigate alternate solutions or path. Yet, it is important to take a step back and review the way you have managed your success thus far.

The Principles of Personal Mastery

Did you know that there are people out there who fully comprehend how vital it is to cultivate their skills, and know their strengths and weaknesses, so that they are able to deal with their personal development effectively? People who have attained personal mastery are skilled at listening to themselves and thus upholding equilibrium in their life. Personal mastery also enables people to control their energy levels and reduce the need for stimulating substances to build-up their energy levels.

Personal Mastery for Your Career

You can use personal mastery not only for the eradication of stress, and confidence building, but also for your career as well. Utilising personal mastery in your career growth is called career mastery. Career mastery is when you amalgamate your personal development to your professional development and then feel complete!

Subconscious Mind Power – 5 Things That Might Obstruct Your Success

Subconscious mind power is a very powerful thing. It is a very useful thing. Hence you should keep a look out for thoughts and thought patterns which would affect it negatively and thus keep you from using this power.

Why Focusing on Your Strengths Pays Off – Answers From Scientific Research

I am not pretty handy around the house. I tried putting down a wood floor and messed it up so badly that the mere act of walking on it loosened up the boards. Just in case you thought it was too ambitious a project I am a dunce even when it comes to installing curtain rods.

Subconscious Mind Power – Harness Your Subconscious Mind for Greater Success

This article is basically a review of Dr Murphy’s book on using your subconscious mind power to achieve monetary and social success. It lists the techniques and concepts discussed and talks about the style and presentation of the book with chapters, headings and personal stories.

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