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Being Happy Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Want to improve your life and live happy? Here are several tips to help you force yourself out of your comfort zone and into a happier, more productive and more successful life! You can’t change by thinking and acting the same as always… it’s time to get a little uncomfortable.

Your Life Purpose – What It Is and How To Find It

Your life purpose is the driving force behind the life you are currently living. Where does it come from? What is it about and how do you find it? These questions and more are answered.

Past Life Vs Current Life Belief Systems – Grow Beyond These Limitations

Belief systems get here from our childhood environment and influences, and could show up from a past life and continue through this life. What is the difference, and how can being aware of these help you lead a more boundless and inspired life.

6 Steps to Increase Your Personal Performance

High performance people are intensely goal oriented; they are highly organized. Like water hyacinth (sea weed), high performers understand the power of doubling their achievement and through compounding effort. This is a fundamental aspect of success principle. Every successful accomplishment is built on a set of principles repeated over time. These principles work irrespective of whether you’re aware of them or not.

Love Is the Glue That Holds Our World Together

Genuine love brings light and positive energy into any situation. All of our positive emotions (such as hope, joy, patience, courage, enthusiasm, appreciation, etc) are rooted in love and are connecting us to the Divine energy.

How Not To Feel Every Darn Thing – Tips On How To Cope As An Empath

If you’re an emotional sponge soaking in everyone else’s feelings, you might be suffering unnecessarily. Having the gift of emotional empathy is a wonderful thing when you learn how to make it work for you. In this article I share one key way you can turn down that dial, let in only what you choose and change your life forever!

How to Develop Good Habits

When you are trying to become a valuable person, it is important for you to know how to develop good habits. They are something you badly need in order to become better and better every day. If you desire to be a leader in your business, you must learn how to build the kind of habits in yourself.

Perfectly Alright With Being Imperfect

We are so hard on ourselves for not being perfect. The time has come to start implementing some kindness into our lives. Both for others and for ourselves.

Beat Depression: Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind

After 20 years of clinical depression, I have overcome. In the glorious rise to hilarious freedom, most of the work happened in the spirit of my mind. Literally, God had to change my mind. And so my life was transformed.

The Road to Manifesting Using EFT, Vision Boards, and Affirmations

The key to using EFT, vision boards, affirmations and law of attraction lies in the proper sequence. Using this sequence can increase your ability to manifest desires.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can become your nightmare when it comes to achieving a great success in life. You see, we all want to be successful in what we are doing, right? We have big dreams, we tend to have plans how to achieve the dreams. But then there it comes.

Love’s Got Your Back

Have you ever been afraid to try something new? You needn’t be when Love’s got your back!

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