Powerful 10 Minute Morning Meditation

Click or Connect?

Success begins at the end of your comfort zone. Avoid the click syndrome and start connecting. Avoid being attached (Click) and start connecting (Process).

Being Empowered to Choose What Is Best for You

Have you ever made a decision, then once you learned more you realized it just wasn’t the right choice for you? What did you do? Did you change your mind? Did you suck it up and forge ahead?

The Why, How and What of Self Improvement

Self improvement should probably be the talk of the town ever since mankind evolved. The topic itself has been under-estimated since the term has become so cliche, yet at the same time has been crucial. If you are from a developed country or a developing country there are already well known personalities whose names have become synonymous with self improvement.

Adaptability: The Only Constant Is Change

We are taught to stand our ground and we teach our children to do the same. Our entire lives we make decisions and refuse to back down, but sometimes we confuse stubbornness with confidence. Do you know at what point you are just being stubborn? We don’t have to be afraid to be adaptable. Allowing yourself to adapt to a situation or idea doesn’t mean you are backing down, it suggests you are confident enough in yourself and the others around you to make decisions together.

Emotional Abuse 102

The impressions of Self that were laid upon the subconscious mind during childhood dictate the course a being will take on their journey through life. When an innocent child presumes he/she is unworthy because his/her caretakers are emotionally unavailable, or are abusive in some other way, the future life of that child is unfortunately being guided by its false perceptions of Self. To heal from within, the wounded being must learn to rewire their subconscious programming and learn to understand their worth is truly divine in spite of their parent’s inability to nurture them when they were younger, impressionable and innocent.

Soulmates: The Real Deal

The media created a picture of a soulmate as someone who completes a person and brings sunshine and flowers and endless happiness and support to both you and your partner. That perfect person and you ride off into the sunset every night, smiles all aglow. Do you really think that is what a soulmate does for you?

How Can We Change the Way We Think We Are?

Beliefs or thinking styles are not very much different from each other. We, as human beings are usually product of beliefs we hold about our selves, about the world, about every thing we are exposed to since our childhood from a single gesture of our mothers to a vast variety of cultural phenomenon. Many beliefs come into the category of relative phenomenon.

5 Tips On How To Increase Productivity

Today, it seems that working harder is not enough anymore. Instead, we are required to work smarter if we want to gain more favorable results. We need to be personally productive every minute of our lives to actually achieve something significant.

Adversity Parable: Are You a Carrot, Egg or Coffee?

Are you always getting frustrated when the change you desire doesn’t happen in your timeline? Instead of clinging to your assumptions that “something should have happened by now” maybe you can take the message from this parable and begin to apply it so that you reduce the amount of your energy spent on factors you have no control. It’s possible, that if you focus on what you can control that the amount of frustration that you experience over circumstances will decrease.

Shadow Play

On my recent podcast, “Yoga Conversations,” I had a great conversation with the brilliant Sally Kempton on the topic of shadow consciousness. One of the things we discussed is what makes it easier to engage in what Sally called, “authentic shadow work.” She said, “To do shadow work authentically, it makes a huge difference if you have a relationship with your essence, with your true self, if you actually have an experience of yourself as basically good.

Strategies to Help You Transform

Are you in the middle of personal or professional change right now? Or are you in a situation that you wish would change, yet you feel as though nothing is happening?

Are Your Habits Helping or Hindering Your Goals?

97% of your mind is sub-conscious (the Inner Mind) and that leaves 2% of your mind conscious (the Outer Mind). So what does that mean to your daily life?

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