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Learning: The Elixir of Youth?

The process of learning starts at a very early stage in our life even without our knowledge. Right after the moment we enter this world, we learn to breathe, later on we learn to crawl then walk and hence our learning process continues. How many times did people tell you that you were not the person of this generation? Many parents get this sort of a comment from their kids and the parents just ignore it. So one question to all those who got his sort of a comment, have you never thought what has happened to u?

Five Keys for Effective Presentations

Studies show that next to dying, the thing people fear most is speaking in public or giving some type of presentation. The problem, though, for those of us having a management or leadership position, is that we’ll be called upon to speak or to make a presentation to our colleagues, our boss, the board or some civic group. So, we’ll just have to face our fears and do it anyway. Here are five things you can do to make it a little less stressful.

What Is Critical Thinking?

Every day you use critical thinking to your advantage. In fact, critical thinking is so essential to your day, that you likely do it without realizing what you are doing. This article discusses the five steps involved in the critical thinking process.

How to Use the Mirror Other People Provide

The Kahunas of Hawaii taught that to really see yourself you can just look at those around you. In fact people are here to show you the qualities or faults that you carry within yourself. Let’s take a look at the messages that people give us and how they reflect a better message that we can adopt for ourselves.

Making It to the Right Path

One of the realities when you are a coach is eventually your engagements with your clients do end. While that usually happens when the client reaches the goal they were targeting when the coaching relationship began, it can end at any time particularly if the client does not care to continue the coaching relationship for whatever reason.

Trusting Your Psychic Sense

So you hear a little inner voice, a little “message.” Is this a voice you should follow? Is this your intuition speaking to you… or just an active imagination? Learn a few simple steps for telling the difference… and for establishing a clearer connection with your intuitive and psychic senses.

Daddy, Don’t Reject Me – I Can Be Lovable

While there is an epidemic of bullying, not all bullies are children who cruelly attack, intimidate, and reject other children. The worst bullies are invisible: they’re emotionally abusing adults. Almost any adult who has a relationship with a child can be a potential perpetrator. But the worst bullies lurk in the child’s home. I discovered this starting at age seven when my father told me he did not want me.

Personal Development, Growth And The Achievement Of Your Goals

Do you want to achieve success in your life? If so you need to take action and that means making changes in your thinking and beliefs. Stop procrastinating and start moving toward your personal success today. It’s now or never.

Do You Know Who You Are?

The thoughts we have about ourselves are linked to all the feedback we get from a huge range of sources, take a moment and consider all the people who have had influence on how you think about yourself during your lifetime. My list would comprise of my parents, siblings, teachers, friends, colleagues, employers, previous partners, my children.

8 Rules of the Game to Make Your Best Decision

Have you ever experienced not wanting to listen to the whispers of your Soul? Here are eight rules of the game if you want to make your best decisions.

The Price of Guilt

Can we really afford not to be at peace? If we value our health and those around us, there is nothing more important than how we feel and knowing the exact reason behind it.

The Recipe for Fear

Fear can be embarrassing or even painful. Isn’t that reason enough to do something about it?

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