Positive Energy Meditation (10 minute guided meditation)

Take The Self-Awareness Test For More Positive Self-Esteem

Discover the divine significance behind the agonizing feelings and events in your life with a healing practice called positive self-esteem. Discover the powerful wisdom embedded in your life experiences and find deeper healing and more peace than you’ve ever understood. Keep in Mind as we proceed that the Course in Miracles states, “Contrast and differences are necessary teaching aids, for by them you learn what to avoid and what to seek.” Respond to the following questions with a YES or NO action, and it’s best to keep note by jotting down your choice and any feelings or quick thoughts:

When You Must Make A Choice, Always Choose The One That Cultivates Your Personal Growth

When you’re faced with a choice in life, always choose the one that will promote your personal growth instead of taking the easy way. Whilst I concede the easier choice can be less complicated than enduring pain and suffering, it might not be the best decision. Don’t leave your personal growth to chance, otherwise you will regret not abiding by your values. Choices aligned with your personal growth are seldom easy, yet are worth it because of the investment in yourself. Every choice draws you closer to the person you intend to be or further away.

The Solution Is NOT the Inspiring Quote

Social Media is full of quotes, inspiring sentences and recommendations of all kinds without any specifics on how to turn those memorable words into realities. Unless the work is done, words are just words.

WONDER What Might Be

Are you, of the belief, there is little, or nothing, you can do, because things are somewhat, pre – determined, and, therefore, you, simply, accept, what is, rather than looking, for what might be? Do you have the courage, of your personal convictions, or do you prioritize, fitting in, and avoiding, rocking the boat? Have you ever, permitted yourself to be, objectively, introspective, enough, to better understand, your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as your goals, preferences, and priorities?

The Nature Versus Nurture Debate

A perennial and favourite discussion topic is the nature-nurture debate. The importance of this debate is far beyond merely the establishment of scientific fact.

Why The Greatest Thing You Can Do For Yourself Is To Nurture Your Personal Growth

Here’s a piece of wisdom I discovered many years ago: The world doesn’t need changing. We must first become the change to affect the world in a better way. Moreover, the world cannot be changed when you focus on what is wrong with it. Change begins closer to home by supporting your personal growth which impacts not only your life but the lives of those around you due to its ripple effect. It is akin to nurturing a seed that blossoms into an exquisite flower. If the nurturing process is cut short, it will not reach its full potential.

Self-Examination: When Was the Last Time You Had a Check-Up?

I am reading TWO good short books. One is on motives and the other is about God’s love and it breaks down the difference between “conditioned” and “unconditioned love”. Knowledge is power.

The Art Of Belonging

The sense of belonging is a necessary human need. We all have the desire to belong someplace to be part of something greater than our own selves. It is the desire to give and get attention to and from others. This feeling creates a relationship that is greater than acquaintance and familiarity.

Do You Have Career Regrets?

If you are like me, you harbor a few regrets over some career decisions made in the past. Regrets aren’t altogether bad. When I focus on my regrets, it’s not to berate myself. Instead it’s a lesson in how I react in certain situations and a chance to examine why. The goal is to avoid regrettable decisions in the future.

Shifting Sexual Harassment: A Conversation With Freddy Zental

The #MeToo movement provides an opportunity for us men to start looking at our unconscious conditioning around sexuality and see how this affects our relationships, including the relationship with ourselves. If we learn to cultivate a deeper listening to our sexuality, we can become more connected with our emotions (something that men have been trained out of!) and our intuition. We can gain more authority over our impulses and learn to redirect our sexual energy into all aspects of our lives!

Restoring Alignment: The Core of Personal Growth

Too much change, too fast, becomes counterproductive. It can feel overwhelming because it challenges our beliefs and values without giving us enough time to adapt. If you’ve slipped into overwhelm, don’t despair! You can restore alignment and flow in your life because you have complete power over your internal choices. This inner work is at the core of all personal growth. Here’s how.

Does Comfort Kill Curiosity?

I read a quote in the book Apprenticed to a Master by Sri M this week that really got me pondering: “You are so full of knowledge that you have acquired, that there is no space to retrieve the truth which is waiting to enter.”As I have been walking the path of minimalism for over a year now downsizing all my material stuff I wondered – could it be that I also need to let go of some of the knowledge and stuff in my head?

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