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Our Decisions Make Us Who We Are

Every decision we make, every minute of every day of our lives, makes us who we are. By learning to make better decisions, you can put yourself on a path to happiness and success.

How to Find a Treasure Map for Your Spirit

While we mark the transitions of early life with rituals-everything from baptisms, communions, and bar and bat mitzvahs to graduations-the more subtle, yet profound, awakenings available to those in midlife go virtually unnoticed. I wanted to change that, so last year I attended my first ever weekend-long all-women’s retreat in honor of my 40th birthday. It seemed like the perfect way to mark an incredibly significant and exciting milestone with a time of deep contemplation, intention-setting and celebration.

What Is The True Purpose of Relationships?

Did you know that relationships are eternal? They reflect the energetic ties and karma to be played out incarnation after incarnation, as we carry them along on our soul journey. So it’s important to understand the purpose of your relationships from a spiritual perspective.

Why Do Things Part-Way May Be Worse Than Not Doing At All?

How often have you heard someone attempt to justify a less than stellar approach or idea or approach by saying, “Well, it’s better than doing nothing,” while the impending results indicate that the opposite may actually be the true case? This is true in nearly everything we do, whether in our personal lives, as a leader of an organization or group, or in the way we approach doing specific tasks or taking certain actions. A clear example of this phenomenon is when we observe how social media interactions and communications are handled, and how that impacts results and attitudes.

10 Tips and Tools to Develop Your Core

We define what the core is and what is the difference between weak and strong core. How the core is developed and why a strong core is important for success.

Do Your Words Give You Personal Power And Life Success?

It is without a doubt that perhaps the greatest difference between humans and all other life forms on the planet is found in our use of words. In the use of language. This being so, it is noteworthy to realize that the magical power of words is so neglected. By the words you use, you not only influence others, but also yourself, your feelings and your physical body.

Be Happy, Be Successful

There is something magical about believing. It lifts your spirits up, gives you a boost of energy, and what could be a dark and gloomy outlook will turn rosy, sprinkled with a high dose of hope. If everything is falling apart, your spirits are down and nothing seems to work in your favor, cling on to that belief, belief in yourself. That will be the only thing that can pull you through.

Cultivating Gratitude

We all go through phases, moods and cycles – business and personal. It’s part of our nature as human beings.

Do You Dare To Be Great?

I was recently introduced to Dr. Brene’ Brown, who is an academic professor, a mother, a wife and an all round honest woman who tells it like it is. I saw her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and I just fell in love with her spirit, and then I had to buy her new book Daring Greatly.

Success – What I Know for Sure

Have you ever wondered why some people fail at everything while others seem to have the Midas touch: everything they touch turns to gold? How many times have you pondered the key to success?

Never Waste a Good Crisis

While the word crisis conjures up negative feelings, it is often the catalyst for people to rise to the occasion and see the best in themselves. Yet, we are taught to avoid chaos. If you embrace crises, you will find yourself better prepared for life’s journey. Just remember to pack the appropriate tools.

Expert, Public Speaking and Food: It’s All Part Of The Process

Just the other day somebody pointed out to me that if you can stand up and talk for more than 15 minutes on any one topic, you’re an ‘expert’. I figured anyone with a motor mouth and a bit of gusto would then fall into this category, depending on how you distinguish ‘expert’. The first image that pops in my mind is one of a tailor cut suit and immaculate white teeth, enough qualifications to create a small novel along with the ability to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 60 seconds… Yep, an ‘expert’.

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