Positive Affirmations to Live Your Dream Life (Guided Meditation)

Society Has Changed, Why Won’t You?

People have no excuse anymore to sit and complain about their situation or to use the “I’m just a victim” attitude anymore. If we want change, we have to take the actions to make it happen and stop letting everything or everyone else control what happens to us because when you really think about it, when you’re not taking action….the negative outcome allows the finger to be pointed back to you.

Self Marketing and Selling Yourself

Self marketing and selling yourself is a technique through which you can open the doors of your success. Marketing is very important for every business but the scenario of today’s market is changing continually. This marketing is not limited to the business groups.

Break Out of Your Box (After All, You Created It!)

There is a wise adage that goes like this: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten.” An unknown sage said it this way: “The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.”

Your Internal GPS – How to Recognize When It’s Talking

Your internal GPS is your inner guidance system that never steers you wrong. The most important step in working with your inner GPS is to learn to recognize when it is guiding you (or speaking to you) vs. when your mind is directing you.

Have You Got a Winning Attitude?

Have you ever had someone say to you, “You’ve got an attitude problem?” If you have then it generally means that you aren’t the person they thought you were and your manner is offensive to them.

Personal Development – Simple Tips To Help Improve Your Daily Routine

Think about that perfect time in your life when everything is going just the way you want it to. The weather is calming, family, friends, events are all in balance and best of all you have free time to yourself. You wish that moment would never end. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make that moment happen whenever you want it to.

The Secret – What Is It Really?

I’ve been studying the law of attraction for a few years now. In my research I have found that many people try to put into practice what they learn from the various sources (films, books, courses) on the law of attraction, however like myself, often they find they’re not successfully getting what they want. I want to share with the world from my own experiences on the subject that it takes a lot more than just studying and knowing about this great law for it to work to manifest what we truly want in our lives. When I first started my research I would simply wish for what I wanted, then basically forget about it, let it go, and leave it in the hands of the universe to bring me my dreams and desires. I soon learned that there was much more involved than that. This is what I want to share, and get out to people. I was a serious skeptic on this subject initially, but the more I thought about it and delved into the study of this awesome law, the more I realized how awesome, and how very real (not to mention how cool!) it is.

The Power of Words, Speech, and Conversation

You can speak words of life into a situation, and according to the words that you have spoken, the situation will change for better or worse. Your life is shaped by the predominant thoughts you entertain and the words you speak. Your words shape your world and everything in it.

Kids Ask The Craziest Questions!

My nephews have been out of school the past few days (teacher work days), and they asked me yesterday “Why is it that you’re always reading books and studying like you’re in school and you’re so old?” After telling them that you’re never too old to learn, it had the wheels in my head turning once again. The fact is that too many people regard learning as an event instead of a process.

Top Ten Sources Of Personal Development

Everybody wants to have more happiness in form of more peace, better relationship, higher income and self-satisfaction. In this connection, knowledge plays a vital role. A person who is more knowledgeable will be in a position to influence others to help him succeed. And, in order to attain self-development individuals are adapting various sources such as…

Put Your Dreams to the Test

As Charles W. Eliot said, “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” Recently I read a wonderful book by John C. Maxwell titled “Put Your Dream to the Test – 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It”. What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve during your lifetime? What do you think your chances are to achieve them?

I Used To Be Happy – What Happened?

I talk with a lot of people who say they are tired of living the way they’re feeling now. I often ask, “What are you feeling now?”

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