Positive Affirmations 10 Minute Morning Meditation

Personal Development Books, They Make A Difference If You Do

Reading personal development books can certainly help, if you want to design a better future for yourself. However, it will usually take more than just light reading, to make any sort of meaningful change.

Do What Matters

This matters to me. When is the last time you felt that or said that? It doesn’t have to be spoken out loud. You simply have to proclaim to yourself: This matters to me.

Overcoming Life Imposed Limitations

What are “Life Imposed Limitations”? Remember all those dreams you had as a child? All those things you dreamed of doing, hoped to do, and believed were at least in some way possible?

It’s Never Too Late to Boost Your Confidence

Is lack of confidence preventing you from fulfilling your true potential? Are your dreams being held hostage? Do you have trouble believing in yourself? Here’s a great quote to get you thinking: “It’s not the mountain we conquer, it’s ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hilary.

3 Ways to Move Past Failure

Failure. How we hate that word. We will do anything to keep failure from being attached to us. We even have the motto “failure is not an option”. Unfortunately, even with all of our careful planning, we sometimes fail.

Presenting Yourself With Confidence – How to Break Out of Your Shell

Imagine a royal court. You have the king, the dukes, the prince, the peasants and everyone in-between. Each of us has the equivalent to a royal court that resides in our heads.

Lifestyle Is a CHOICE

You can be in control of the style and manner in which you life your life. It takes courage and risk to improve yourself and situation. Think about it, at the end of your life what do you want to look back on with satisfaction? It is possible to live life on your terms.

Five Character Traits to Boost Your Career

Are you having difficulties in moving up the management ladder? If you are not an heir-apparent to the throne, with a slot waiting for you at the top once you learn the ropes of the business, chances are that you will find the stairway to success quite difficult to scale.

Philosophy of Life: 4 Ways to Discover Yours Even If You Don’t Think You Have One

Perhaps you don’t think you have a philosophy of life and that life just happens. In this article I will show you how your life is influenced by attitudes, images, beliefs and opinions even if you don’t realize it. Our path to personal growth requires that we become aware of these influences that have been planted in our consciousness and get rid of the ones that don’t serve us.

How Could Forgiveness Change Your Life?

Forgiveness can be a path to viewing our life with a more open heart, with greater compassion for ourselves and others. Forgiveness can be a doorway to what is being hidden.

Little Eyes Are Looking

Social media can be a great way to connect with others, but it can also be a way to display rude behavior without fear of being called out. People need to remember that many people, even children, can see the things posted on social media.

Where To Focus

We need to have focus to become what we should be, but we often focus on counterfeits. Of course for every counterfeit there is something authentic. We have to find the real, the true, the authentic, and focus on those things.

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