Positive 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Freely Give Away Nuggets of Golden Information or Value – Share the Wealth of Your Life Experience

Freely give away golden nuggets of wisdom, knowledge or information that can help another hurting soul, share in the wealth that you gained through your life experience. Be confident in the knowledge that you will find your golden opportunity at the crossroads in your life. Golden nuggets, and all of the elements, are similar to the molding and baking of golden loaves of bread. Each must endure molding, pressure, fire, heat, and the time it takes to take on another form before reaching its final outcome. Extract the golden nuggets in yourself, freely give away golden nuggets of advice or help to others and remember that we are much like the elements. We must endure heat, trials and be molded, all while becoming golden examples to those that are watching us, those that are valuable to ourselves, others, and for those that cross our paths.

5 Life Lessons Learned From MS Dhoni

Learn some life lessons from the wisdom of MS Dhoni (Indian Cricket team Captain), incorporate them and transform your life. His actions and words can teach us a lot of things. Let’s check out the life lessons we can learn from MS Dhoni’s characteristics.

Writing Could Help You

Every form of communication has its strengths and weaknesses. The power of written communication is often overlooked. In this piece, I encourage you to consider this great power and employ it in two specific ways – personally and relationally It can help you be more whole. It can help you engage with others more wholesomely.

How May We Grow and Develop Spiritually and Mentally and Walk in Harmony With Our Gracious God?

Philosophers can make simple things complex. Genuine and sincere and concerned and compassionate theologians aim to make apparent complex propositions simple. Most people need and require from God that which is straightforward and simple. Our gracious and loving God provides what is simple to grasp and understand. When John writes his Gospel he seeks to deal with who Jesus Christ was and is, and he uses that puzzling word ‘logos’, which no longer need be a puzzle, nor remain complex. It is Jesus the Word who gives meaning to everything. The Creator became a Creature, and this remarkably profound illumination is being expressed by an ordinary fisherman, who came to lead an extraordinary life. God calls men and women to live according to God’s ways and standards. These are not narrow and limiting and restricting. They are full of love and forgiveness and mercy and blessing and peace.

Do You Resist Authority or Embrace It?

Are you able to recognize the authority you are subject to? Do you submit to it or resist it? What kind of authority are you under? Your job, business and relationships all have some kind of authority over or requirements of you. What happens if you embrace those and seek to help others first?

What Would You Wish You Could Tell The 16/17 Year-Old You?

Recently, I was giving speech to a group of students in a local polytechnic. At the end of the speech, a pro-active student came up and asked this question: Out of curiosity, I would also want to know what is the one thing, if there is any, you wish you could tell the 16/17 year-old you? What a very relevant question!

The Art Of Being Patient

Patience is a virtue. Patience is the capability to tolerate hold-ups and delays without aggravation. Those with patience have the ability to stay calm and avoid spontaneous reactions when confronted with difficulties. Being impatient has little to offer. The line at the store is impervious to your thoughts and feelings. If you’re stuck, you might as well enjoy yourself. Patience is beneficial to your health, happiness, relationships, and goals. Impatience will cost you.

Tackling That Dis-Ease Called Depression

Depression is a killer and overcoming can be challenging but once there, one doesn’t need to stay. Having techniques to confront as well as embrace this issue empowers people to be stronger and confident.

Does Your Thinking Set You Up for Success or Failure?

Although every Real Estate Investor wants to achieve success in their lives, only some have the mindset to get there. Many investors have a failure-oriented perspective that can be very destructive and detrimental to their progress, both professionally and personally. Success doesn’t happen as a result of passivity – you need to actively pursue it with a highly outcome-oriented approach.

Calculated and Cultivated Lies Are Our Present Truths

Everything that we are currently being taught is a Big White Lie, and this has been the case for well over a century, or from the dawn of the Western European era on the world stage. Europeans have made some astounding and breathtaking accomplishments over the past two centuries in technologies and in many other interdisciplinary fields of study.

Are We Still Giving Our Power To The Doctors Or Are We Ready To Trust Our Self Again?

What happened to the old so-called ‘wife’s-tales.’ Have we lost that much trust in our self and in our natural ability to heal? What happened? How did we get to the stage of putting our trust and faith into un-natural medication? Without the trust we operate from a man-made fear-based system and we drive our self to someone who we think knows better.

It Is Time To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This article examines the relationship between success and comfort zone. It argues strongly in favour of the fact that you must get out of your comfort zone before you can excel in life.

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