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Disasters Can Teach Lessons of Gratitude

In the world today, we encounter a lot of negativity, pain, stress and natural disasters. Many days, we wake up with far too much to do, far too much to think about, far too many concerns, and far too many problems. In Virginia where I live, in the span of less than one week, we experienced a “terrible triad:” an earthquake, a tornado and Hurricane Irene; three major natural disasters capable of causing devastation, tragedies, and causalities.

Make a Plan – Speak Up

At one time or another we all face conversations that are problematic, sensitive and difficult. Some have the potential to be disastrous for relationships or career limiting at work. Conversations like this can be with toxic colleagues, disagreeable managers and difficult employees: in families with controlling parents or siblings with whom you don’t get along: and with friends and neighbours where one conversation can make the difference between a smooth relationship and one of ongoing disagreement. Then there are the conversations with your in-laws…

Surpassing Absurdity and Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy that tries to cover the ridiculous absurdity of the modern civilization based on materialism, atheism, individualism, indifference to the human pain, and greed, while poverty kills the biggest part of the population of our miserable planet, is another shocking proof of the human absurdity. Your dreams contain very serious messages that help you eliminate the absurdity you have inherited, and stay far from the absurdity and the hypocrisy of the world.

Doing My Best

What do you do if your best isn’t good enough? Especially when you are a single parent and your best HAS to be good enough, because there is no one else to do it?

A Treatment Plan For Working With Multiple Personality Disorder

Virtually every aspect of treatment depends on the strength of the therapeutic alliance which must be cultivated globally and with each individual alter. In the face of severe psychopathology, painful material, crises, difficult…

Reaching Beyond Self: Sending a Soldier a Care Package From Home

There are many American soldiers scattered throughout the world who would like nothing more than a piece of home, whether that be much needed gear, bed linens, their favorite snack or just a few kind words in a short letter from a stranger. Sending a care package from home to a complete stranger might not be your first thought when seeking self-development, but these small acts of charity (the more accurate translation of the word commonly referred to as “love” found in 1 Corinthians 13 in many newer versions of the Bible) help to take our mind off our own daily issues and to be thankful for the small things in life we take for granted. Finding a soldier is easier than you might think. Shipping is not expensive and there are only a few basic guidelines you need to follow.

Our Internal Storms Pave a New Direction

Personal storms have a purpose. The force of a storm clears the air, makes room for new growth, and recycles low energy. It might feel crummy when our internal “wind and rain” are gusting, but suddenly we are cleared, and our expression, like the chirping birds, becomes fuller, stronger and sweeter.

Q and A on Energy Healing

Q. Why do people come to you for healing? A. For any reason… to release emotional heaviness, get clearer on life purpose or goals, release past trauma, minimize physical pain or discomfort, heal through forgiveness, maintain balance, bring in joy, or be in a steady place of openness, self acceptance, inner peace.

Are You a “Head” Person or a “Feeling” Person? And Why Does It Matter?

Hello Readers – I have a new article up, taking A Deeper Look at Personality Concepts, particularly the differences between “head” people and “feeling” people, and how these two distinct ways of seeing and interacting with the world can often make for strained communication. They speak different languages. In this article, I show how to bridge that gap, how – with a little work – we can understand and validate our loved ones in a way that makes substantive communication not just a possibility, but a certainty.

Your Miraculous Life – How To Be Empowered

It’s unfortunate that so many people suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Just take a look at the amount of crime that exists, the number of women and men who stay in mentally, emotionally and physically abusive relationships and all the people who are afraid of following their passion.

Understanding Resistance In Your Daily Life Experience

One of the most misunderstood energies I deal with on a regular basis, is the energy of resistance. Most people who land in my classes all come in with similar answers. Most people believe that resistance is something stuck in both the conscious and sub conscious mind. However resistance is much deeper then that.

Life Quotes: Best Way To Learn About Life!

One of the best teachers in life is a life quote – it promotes personal development as well as personal growth. By reading quotes from great personalities, you are taking advantage of life changing opportunity that would have ordinarily cost you fortune to access. Let’s look at famous life quotes and the great minds from which those quotes emanated from:

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