Plan With Me: October 2020

When Coping With Loss And Other Life Challenges, Grief Counseling Certainly Helps Heal

Overcoming loss of a loved one, a spouse, other family member, or friend surely is not an easy ordeal. When a spouse, or family member passes on it can be a tremendous life challenge. But I feel if we may look at loss as a process of life in this world, we can overcome any further confusion or shock that can lead to times of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Many of you have messaged me kindly asking to say a little more about the woman from Croatia, named Nakita, who somehow and for some reason, began writing me letters while I was in prison over that foolish securities violation.

Getting Out of Your Discomfort Zone

One of the things I’ve discovered, as everything is breaking down and reorganizing, is that often what is required is the complete opposite of whatever has worked before. Tried and true techniques and systems are no longer effective. Things that were absolutely the wrong thing to do in my old practice is the absolute right thing to do in my new practice.

The Road We Take Down The Highway Of Life

This post would be named after the Morgan Scott Peck, MD book “The Road Less Traveled” except that this book kind of condenses those concepts I agree with in that book into a simple article. Read on, although it is a jaunt, it will make an interesting read.

A Is for Awareness

When was the last time you were really aware of your surroundings? Were you traveling to a new place? A restaurant you always wanted to try?

The Power of Focus

Ready to figure out what really matters to you and how to create an extraordinary life? Here are 3 things you can do.

Do You Have Someone To Blame?

You may be right blaming others. But no amount of blame can solve a problem. It is accepting responsibility that brings solution. Don’t give into the blame game again.

A Year Of Dancing and Growth

It’s been just over a year since I walked back into a dance studio for the first time in over 10 years. Last year at this time, I share an article called “I Hope You Dance”, and it generated some of the most powerful responses I have ever received. Many people were touched and inspired and wrote me things like “You’re story moved me to tears as I resonated with it.”

Nobody’s Perfect: Dealing With Perfectionism

Are you striving for excellence or trying to be perfect? Perfectionism gets out of control very quickly and can have some awful results.

How To Let Go Of Nagging And Crippling Self-Doubt

Crippling self-doubt is something we seem to learn from childhood and into our adult lives. But, this crippling self-doubt and lacking trust always seem to be related over an issue or situation. This certainly doesn’t consider you to necessarily be someone lacking confidence.

Seven Reasons You MIGHT Open the Doors of Your Life to Others

Here’s an experiment in human relations you can do: Walk down the street and as you pass people, smile at them and attempt to engage their eyes without a greeting. Very few people will look at you and acknowledge that you are on the same planet let alone within an arm’s length of each other. We tend to lock the doors of our lives for the same reason we lock the doors to our homes, to keep us safe from unwanted, unknown intruders.

Are Psychic Links Or Mindful Connections Possible For A Better World And Your Success?

So often, we disregard out of fear our ability for mindful connections. We become judgmental when we should be feeling a connection. We criticize and chastise others when we should be connecting. We focus on embarrassment when we need to form a psychic link. In a previous article I discussed the woman from Croatia who out of the blue started writing to me while I was in prison for eight long years, over that foolish securities violation. She somehow knew I was a prisoner and involved in studying and writing about the principles of A Course in Miracles.

Break Those Bad Habits And On To What You Do Want By Your Reflective Mind

The reflective mind, always has been, and remains the quiet center of our eternal life being. This means that every one of us in his/her own right is an integral part of the whole. Consider what you do each day. Is everything a programmed routine? Why can’t we more easily break the habits we don’t truly want, and rather have what we do want? The reflective mind has been imprisoned by the brain, and we sleepwalk on a path of least resistance. Whether it is relationship struggles, career problems, financial stress, family, weight loss, alcohol and drugs, smoking, or whatever, we gradually sway further and further off the path of our true free will.

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