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Creating a Life You Love – How to Overcome Being Shy or Self Conscious!

Being shy or self conscious can affect a lot of different people and for a variety of different reasons. There are some people who are very insecure about how they look, about their personality, how smart they are or may not be and even about the kind of job they have. There are others who feel self conscious only when they are in certain kinds of situations or are around certain kinds of people.

Stand on Your Two Feet

“Each step upward makes me feel stronger and fit for the next step” – GANDHI. Everyone of us has a privilege to life and this comes with the great responsibility of improving our lives with the choices we make. To those of us who are striving to become whatever we have set our eyes on, the key is to be able to stand on our own two feet.

Self-Talk – Treasure Your Words

No matter how we try to improve our lives if our self talk is negative, we create beliefs in our system that will produce the negative results because we will be acting according to our beliefs. We must always take care of our thoughts in order to change our lives. If you deposit negative thoughts in your mind, you will withdraw those negative thoughts. Guard your thoughts. Sometimes, you do not have to listen to yourself but to talk to yourself.

You Are What You Choose

Your current life is a total summation of the choices you have made in life. The choices you make in life are a direct reflection of the life you are leading today.

How Self Coaching Can Help You Improve Your Life

It’s no secret that you are your best critic, but have you ever considered that you are also your best motivator? Sometimes we wonder why no one is helping us or pushing us to pursue our dreams, but you have to push yourself before someone else will. Sure, you could hire a life coach to help you get your life in order, but why hire someone when you can encourage yourself? No one really knows your goals better than you, and instead of taking extra time to explain your life dreams to someone else, it is better to just coach yourself.

This Doesn’t Make You a Bad Parent

I remember watching Cheryl Richardson tell Oprah that women must start putting themselves at the top of their own priority list. Even above the needs of their children. I also remember watching the audience; perhaps for the first time ever, boo a guest of Oprah’s.

Three Secrets to Inner Power

In this article, we’ll explore three insights to shift from being a “victim” in life to an empowered co-creator. When you truly understand these three secrets and live from them, you will realize your deepest soul’s desires.

Why Knowing Yourself Is The Foundation Of Personal Growth

As you work to grow in different areas in you life, it is important to really know yourself. The concept of not knowing yourself may sound preposterous to some people, but hear me out. Because we live such hectic lives, it is important to take time to become reacquainted with ourselves. It is very easy to get so focused on living life that we lose ourselves in the bustle and bustle.

Eliminating Fear As An Option: Conquering The Boogeyman Part 1

The single most important thing you can do to remove any impediment to your success is to get a handle on fear. You won’t ever be completely without fear (which is okay because there are some instances where it can work to your advantage) but you can get to a place where it has little or no effect on you.

Honesty Without Pain

Being truthful can be cruel if the truth you are telling is not communicated with compassion. There is a saying that goes something like this: “If something is the truth, is necessary, but is mean… don’t say it.” Even though you feel you’ve got to let it rip, remember the best way to be honest is with compassion.

Top 5 Tips To Stay in the Present Moment and Avoid Future Tripping

This past weekend as I was headed down to the beach with a friend I had a MAJOR ah-ha moment. As we were catching up on business talk, and of course our love life stories, it hit me, I was totally future tripping about my business and a boy! If you do not know what future tripping is the definition is to worry/be consumed/freak-out about the future instead of enjoying the present.

You Don’t Need Permission to Be Great

It never ceases to amaze me how much we limit our potential, by using useless information and programming from our past. We all think that someone else has a special gift that we were somehow not given and that to become successful is something that happens to others and not us.

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